All-in-1 WordPress Analytics & Cookie Notice Plugin

15 integrations with analytics and marketing tools, GTM and a cookie notice.

Connect your site to Google Analytics and 14 other tools

30+ Unique features

Easily integrate Google Tag Manager

cookie notice

Track 50+ custom data-types

WooCommerce support

This is how it works. In short…

Full Picture lets you connect your WordPress site to 15 different tracking and marketing tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, Microsoft Advertising and more. You can also use GTM integration to add even more tools if you like.

Each integration available in Full Picture lets you track things that you wouldn’t be able to track with standard integration. You can track clicks, form submissions, conversions, broken links, ad block usage and more.

And finally, to make all your data-collection compliant with cookie laws, Full Picture also comes with one of the most powerful cookie notices for WordPress. At no extra cost. With full, native opt-in support (and opt-out if you choose).

Use the tools that make sense to you

With Full Picture you can connect your WordPress site to 15 tracking tool for 360-degrees insights. Find out which ones are the best fit for you and get the data that makes your business. Not breaks it.

Learn from…

Traffic statistics

With tools like Google Analytics, Plausible or Splitbee you will be able to learn:

  • How many people visitored your site
  • Where they were coming from
  • What pages they liked the most & the least
  • and much more

But stats show you only a part of the bigger picture. That is why Full Picture also gives you…

Google Analytics Universal Analytics dashboard

Session recordigns

While statistics tell you how many times something happened, user session recordings let you see that. Imagine the insights you can get when you see:

  • how your visitors interact with your site,
  • what they struggle with,
  • what functions they use (or not).

But this is just another part of the puzzle. That is why Full Picture also gives you…

Session recording in Microsoft Clarity dashboard


Heatmaps let you see where users click, see and how far they scroll your website’s pages. This gives you important information:

  • what parts of your website are rarely seen,
  • what attracts the attention of your visitors,
  • what parts of your content makes visitors less itnerested.

But to have 360-degrees traffic insights you also need…

Click heatmap in Hotjar

Advertising tracking

Use Full Picture’s integrations with advertising tools and powerful tracking features to conduct laser-focused advertising campaigns. Measure their effectiveness and learn:

  • which of your value propositions are the most attractive,
  • which of your USPs are the most powerful.

But the power of Full Picture doesn’t end there. It also gives you…

Google Ads dashboard

Surveys & Feedback forms

Ask your visitors what they don’t like about your site’s content, layout, features and offer. Or let them leave you feedback which may shed light on the issues you had no idea about.

This helps you understand your visitors better and make your site more attractive, user-friendly and – most importantly – improve its conversion rate.

But to get 360-degrees user insights you also need…

Visual feedback in Hotjar tool

Content experiments

Do not guess which headline, text, banner or layout is better. Full Picture comes with tools that let you test different versions of your content and check which ones perform better.

Combine this information with the insights from statistics, session recordings and other sources to get 360-degree view on your traffic.

Sound like too much? Use the tools that make sense to you. Full Picture gives you choice.

Content experiment results in Google Optimize

Track what is important. Easily

Full Picture gives superpowers to the tools is integrates. It exends their tracking abilities with suctom-coded, powerful tracking features. All of them are available to you with a click, without the need to hire a developer.



Broken links

WordPress data

Form submissions

Element views


and more…

Advertise where your customers are

With Full Picture you can not only track conversion rates of your ads. You can build remarketing lists based on your visitors’ behavior.

Now, you can create laser-focus advertising campaigns in the most widely used search engines, services and platforms.