An advanced tracking manager for WordPress

Replace or extend other analytics plugins, get 360° tracking insights, comply with GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA and other privacy laws.

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Install your favourite tracking tools

Install analytics, session recorders and marketing tools using Full Picture’s powerful integrations, tag managers or… other WordPress plugins! Full Picture can manage them and even improve them!

Get better traffic insights

Full Picture extends what you can track with every marketing and analytics tool. You can track clicks, scrolls, downloads, post metadata, WooCommerce events and much more. Plus, you can also improve the accuracy of tracking, improve reporting and analysis of social traffic referrals and more!

Unique features

Comply with privacy regulations

Comply with privacy regulations with Full Picture’s smart cookie notice. It uses geolocation to show only in countries where it is required and adjust the way it works (opt-in, opt-out and “only inform”) to meet those countries’ privacy regulations.

Privacy solutions

Attention! Cookie notice module doesn’t have to be enabled to use Full Picture. You can safely use a different service that blocks and manages cookies and use FP only as a tracking manager.

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