Pre-configured Tag Manager for WordPress

Full Picture is a tag manager with pre-configured integrations with analytics and marketing tools, tracking methods and privacy solutions.

17 ready-to-use integrations with tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, Hotjar and more

Easily add custom scripts to head and footer that load with respect to visitor’s cookie choices

Enable GDPR-compliant cookie notice with one click. It loads tracking tools when and where it is required by law.

Full Picture's main settings screen in the WordPress admin panel

Use any tool you like

Choose from 17 ready-to-use integrations with the analytics and marketing tools! Cannot find your favourite one? No problem. Add its script using “Custom scripts” module or Google Tag Manager and you are done.

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Track standard useful data

Simply tell the plugin what you want to track and you are done. It all gets tracked and sent to your tracking tools without coding, setting up triggers or tags.

You can track user actions, WooCommerce events and even custom meta data added by other plugins.

Learn more about what you can track

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