All the traffic and marketing data you need

One WordPress Plugin. 17+ integrations with analytics & marketing tools & a GDPR-compliant cookie notice

17 ready-to-use integrations with tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, Google Ads and Google Tag Manager

Easily add custom scripts to head and footer that load with respect to visitor’s cookie choices

cookie notice with geolocation!

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Use any marketing tool

Full Picture gives you 17 pre-configured integrations with tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar and more.

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Add more to head and footer with Custom Scripts module, or use GTM integration!

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Easily track events and custom data!

Track events! Track clicks, form submissions, conversions, broken links, affiliate links and more with every integration available in Full Picture!

Track data! Track page titles, categories, users and… custom meta data from ACF, MetaBox or any other plugin that saves data in post meta!

WooCommerce integration that sends data to all the tools you use!

Whenever your visitors add a product to cart, wishlist, view a product, go to checkout or buy a product this data is sent to ALL tracking tools that you enable. Automagically! With no or very minimal setup (depending on the tool).

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