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Full Picture gives you 16 ready-to-use integrations with analytics and marketing tools. Each of them connected with our cookie notice that loads cookies as required by GDPR, CCPA and other privacy laws.

Choose the ones you want to use on your WordPress site.

And if you can’t find your favorite tool then you can install it with our “Custom Scripts” module or Google Tag Manager integration.

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16 ready-to-use analytics and marketing tools

Full Picture gives you 16 integrations with tools for tracking, traffic analytis, marketing and more. You don’t need to add any script ot the website. Simply enable the module and do minimal setup and you are done.

Google Analytics (4 and UA)

A free but difficult to use traffic analysis tools. Best suited for advanced users and marketers.

Google Ads

Create remarketing lists for your campaigns and conversions from Google’s advertising network.

Facebook Pixel

Track conversion from your Facebook advertising campaigns. Track user activity to create audience lists.

Google Optimize

A free tool for optimizing website’s content on large-traffic websites. Best suited for advanced optimizers.

Microsoft Advertising

Advertise on Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. Track conversions and create audience lists.

Microsoft Clarity

Record how your visitors use your website. Find out where they click on heatmaps.


Record how your users use your website, see where they click and ask them for feedback with targetted surveys.

Pinterest Ads

Build remarketing lists for your Pinterest advertising campaigns and measure their conversions.

LinkedIn Ads

Build remarketing lists for your LinkedIn advertising campaigns and measure their conversions.

Twitter Ads

Build remarketing lists for your Twitter advertising campaigns and measure their conversions.


See how your visitors use your site with session recordings, heatmaps, form tracking. Get feedback from surveys.

Crazy Egg

View recordings of how your visitors use your site. See heatmaps of their clicks and scrolls. Test content with A/B tests.

Plausible Analytics

Get important traffic statistics with Plausible – a tracking tool that does not require cookies.


Simple statistics and A/B tests with a tool that does not require cookies (optional).

TikTok Pixel (NEW)

Build TikTok audience lists and track your advertising efforts on the popular social media platform.

Add even more tools with tag managers

Do not worry if the tool you are using is not on the list above. You can easily add your favorite tool (and have it respect users privacy) by using Custom Scripts module. Or you can use Google Tag Manager integration if you prefer the more difficult way.

Custom Scripts module (NEW)

A simple way to add custom scripts and set them to load with respect to visitor’s country and cookie choices.

[Page with a description in the making]

Google Tag Manager

A popular way of adding custom scripts to a website. Loading scripts that respect visitor’s cookie choices can be challenging.

Try the free version

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