Why conversion funnels make no sense

You know what a conversion funnel looks like. It is a 2-dimensional representation of a process of converting a person into a customer. In most funnels, the stages are the same as in the AIDA model – Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action/Conversion. Sometimes there is an extra “Retention” stage that describes a whole different funnel where … Read more

A simple trick to improve the number of replies to your surveys

Have you ever stopped filling a survey when you came across a question that could be understood in different ways? Or maybe the list of possible answers was missing the one you needed? Or maybe you only got to choose a single answer from a list – and you really wanted to choose many? Or … Read more

My WordPress guilty pleasures

There are things in life that you should do, you have to do and the do-if-you-wants.  WordPress guilty pleasures are obviously in the last one. However, unlike watching Korean romantic dramas or music so bad that no-one should know about it, WordPress guilty pleasures look almost like work. Or at least my wife sees them … Read more

What is a Minimum Viable Website and why you need it

When most people open (or build) a new website they tend to go high and wide. They want all the best from the start. And their reasoning is pretty sound too. I don’t want my site to scare people off I want my site to convert well I want my site to rank well in … Read more