Full Picture is a comprehensive solution for your WordPress and WooCommerce tracking needs

16 ready-to-use integrations with analytics & marketing tools

Is your WordPress packed with multiple analytics, tracking and marketing plugins? You no longer need them. Full Picture gives you 16 integrations with popular (and not-so-popular) tools. This gives you freedom to experiment and choose what you like best. Easily.

Plus, your website will load faster and server will be less loaded.

Tag managers (yes, plural)

You can add custom scripts to your website using a built-in “Custom Scripts” module or Google Tag Manager. The first one is easier to use and lets you load scripts with respect to visitor’s cookie choices (with a click). The other one is a popular Google solution (not so easy to use).

Integrations with popular plugins

Full Picture works well with other plugins. It can:

Track WooCommerce events and send them to (almost) all the tools you enabled.

Track when your visitors send forms created with any form plugin.

Track affiliate links from affiliate plugins.

Track custom post meta data added with Advanced Custom Fields, Meta Box or any other plugin that adds data to your single post types.

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Turn-key privacy solutions

To make your website comply with GDPR, CCPA and other privacy laws your site needs to give your visitors choice if they want to be tracked (and to what extent). In the past, you had to use premium cookie-blocking services. Now you don’t have to.

Full Picture includes a cookie notice that loads tracking tools according to your visitors cookie choices. Plus, it gives you iframe blocker and even a smart shortcode that displays in your privacy policy page an always-current list of all tracking tools you use. Smart 🙂

30+ Unique features

Does your current analytics plugin track clicks with middle mouse button? Or does it let you track when your visitors see popups on your site? Or maybe it can track errors that show up in the JavaScript code of your website?

Full Picture can do all of it an more.


Full Picture is easily extendable. Developers can create their own add-ons that seamlessly integrate with the plugin’s UX and e.g. integrate other tools, add more tracking options or extend privacy tools.

Full Picture also provides developers with a Javascript data-object similar to the GTM’s dataLayer, which they can use in their day-to-day work.

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