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Ready-to-use integrations

Install and set-up tools without touching any code.

Google Analytics 4YesYes
Google Analytics 4 #2 (second tag)Yes
Google Analytics UAYesYes
Google Analytics UA #2 (second tag)Yes
Facebook PixelYesYes
Facebook Pixel #2 (second tag)Yes
Google OptimizeYesYes
Google AdsYesYes
Microsoft AdvertisingYesYes
Microsoft ClarityYesYes
Google Tag ManagerYesYes
TikTok PixelYesYes
Twitter AdsYesYes
Pinterest Conversion TagYesYes
LinkedIn InsightsYesYes
Crazy EggYesYes

Extended tracking

Full Picture lets you track data and user actions that are normally not tracked by tracking tools (by default).

Track broken linksYesYes
Tracking clicks in outbound linksYes
Tracking clicks in affiliate linksYes
Tracking clicks on page elementsYesYes
Tracking clicks on buttons in cookie noticeYes
Tracking clicks on contact links (phone & email)Yes
Tracking file downloadsYes
Tracking form submissionYes
Tracking scroll depthYes
Tracking when page elements are visibleYes
Tracking Ajax navigationYes
Tracking ad blockerYes
Tracking page IDsYes
Tracking page typesYes
Tracking page numbersYes
Tracking page/post authors’ display namesYes
Tracking post/page authors’ IDsYes
Tracking post/page publish datesYes
Tracking visitors logged-in statusYesYes
Tracking user roles of logged-in visitorsYesYes
Tracking page languageYes
Tracking post terms (tags, categories and custom)YesYes
Tracking content engagement timeYes
Tracking the number of search resultsYes
Tracking JavaScript errorsYes

E-commerce & conversion tracking

Integrations available with Full Picture FREE can track only conversions attributed to:

  1. specific URLs, e.g. visiting a “thank you” page
  2. Clicks, e.g. clicking on a “subscribe” button

No e-commerce information, product values, etc. are sent.

Full Picture PRO gives you everything that is in Free plus action-specific conversions and e-commerce conversion tracking in the WooCommerce plugin.

Conversions on specific URLsConversions on specific URLs
Conversions after clicksConversions after clicks
WooCommerce Purchases (with detailed product tracking)
WooCommerce Events (add-to-cart, add-to-wishlist, etc.)

Full Picture comes with a cookie notice , iframe blocker and privacy-policy extension that can will help you comply with privacy regulations.

The cookie notice can be easily set up to comply with GDPR, CCPA and other regulations. It can load the tracking tools (which require cookies) on pageload or when visitors agree to cookies. It can also disable parts of the tracking tools if visitors agree only to specific cookie types.

Full-features cookie noticeYesYes
GDPR complianceYesYes
CCPA complianceYesYes
Geolocation (show the notice only where necessary)YesYes
Full customisation of the notice (colors, texts, sections, buttons) YesYes
Translation-ready (tested with WPML and Polylang)YesYes
Shortcode that displays a list of currently enabled tools that require cookies (to be used in your privacy policy)YesYes
Iframe blockingYesYes

Tracking exclusion

Track your visitors, not yourself.

Exclude traffic for specific users with a special linkYesYes
Exclude logged-in users with specific rolesYesYes

Unique features

Redirect people to your custom 404 pageYes
Label pages by type for analysis by typeYes
Prevent tracking by a special link (see above)YesYes
Privacy policy exstras (see above)YesYes
Track how many visitors use ad blockersYes
Track JavaScript errorsYes
Prevent tracking pages until they are viewedYesYes
Track when elements are seen (ads, popups, etc.)Yes
Track clicks on dynamically-added page elementsYesYes
Page labelingYes
Track only the first click if a user clicks multiple times on the same elementYesYes
Do not track form submissions that happen right after pageloadYes
Do not track exploratory page scrollsYes
Track original page title in Google Analytics reportsYes
Use Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics at the same timeYesYes
Use up to 2 integrations of GA UA, GA 4 and Facebook Pixel at the same timeYes
Easily change prefix for Google Analytics cookiesYesYes
Prevent sending GA events to GTM’s data_layerYesYes
Give tracking scripts extra time to send data before the page redirects after a user clicks a linkYesYes
Blur page content behind cookie noticeYesYes
Make exceptions for certain parts of the page from being blurredYesYes
Send to GTM what cookie notice buttons were clickedYes
Send to GTM what are visitors’ previous cookie choicesYes
Track clicks in cookie notice buttons by tools that don’t get blocked by ad blockersYes
and more…

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