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What are the differences?

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Available Tools

Google Analytics 4YesYes
Google Analytics 4 #2 (second tag)Yes
Google Analytics UAYesYes
Google Analytics UA #2 (second tag)Yes
Facebook PixelYesYes
Facebook Pixel #2 (second tag)Yes
Google OptimizeYesYes
Google AdsYes
Microsoft AdvertisingYes
Microsoft ClarityYesYes
Google Tag ManagerYesYes
Twitter AdsYes
Pinterest Conversion TagYes
LinkedIn InsightsYes
Crazy EggYesYes

Tracking options

Track broken linksYesYes
Tracking clicks in outbound linksYesYes
Tracking clicks in affiliate linksYesYes
Tracking clicks on page elementsYesYes
Tracking clicks on buttons in cookie noticeYesYes
Tracking clicks on contact links (phone & email)YesYes
Tracking file downloadsYesYes
Tracking form submissionYesYes
Tracking scroll depthYesYes
Tracking when page elements are visibleYesYes
Tracking Ajax navigationLimitedYes
Tracking ad blockerYesYes
Tracking page IDsYesYes
Tracking page typesYesYes
Tracking page numbersYesYes
Tracking page/post authors’ display namesYesYes
Tracking post/page authors’ IDsYesYes
Tracking post/page publish datesYesYes
Tracking visitors logged-in statusYesYes
Tracking user roles of logged-in visitorsYesYes
Tracking page languageYesYes
Tracking terms (of tags, categories and custom taxonomies)YesYes
Tracking how long visitors are engaged with the page’s contentYesYes
Tracking the number of search resultsYesYes
Tracking JavaScript errorsYes
Tracking data in HTMLYes
Tracking conversionsLimitedYes
Tracking purchasesYes
Tracking additions to cartYes
Tracking removals from cartYes
Tracking other e-commerce eventsYes


Full Picture FREE gives you Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations that can be configured to track some conversions that happen on the site. However this is very limited.

The PRO version of Full Picture lets you track all sorts of conversions and e-commerce events. WooCommerce is supported out-of-the-box and events from other e-commerce plugins can be tracked with Full Picture’s custom event codes.

Tracking e-commerce eventsNoYes
Tracking conversionsNoYes
Building remarketing listsLimitedYes
Tracking data from any e-commerce pluginNoYes
Tracking data in HTMLNoYes
WooCommerce supportNoYes
Easy Digital Downloads supportAdd-on
is planned

* E-commerce and WooCommerce support will be available in Full Picture 2.0 coming in September 2021

Option to load tools after visitors opt-in to cookiesYesYes
Option to load tools after pageload with opt-out on cookie declineYesYes
Option to choose which tools load after cookie consent or after pageloadYesYes
Geolocation – show cookie notice only in specific countriesYes
Easy styling in visual customizeYesYes
Styling background, overlay, position, buttonsYesYes
Option to hide sections and buttons of the noticeYesYes
Fully editable textsYesYes
Cookie notice in multiple languages (with WPML and Polylang)YesYes

Tracking exclusion

Exclude traffic for logged-in and not logged-in users with a special linkYesYes
Exclude logged-in users with specific rolesYesYes

Privacy policy extras

Shortcode that displays a list of currently enabled tools that require cookiesYesYes
CSS class that opens a cookie notice settingsYesYes

Unique features

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Redirect people to your custom 404 pageYesYes
Label pages by type for analysis by typeYesYes
Adjust the plugin to your skill level (advanced, standard and easy modes)YesYes
Prevent tracking by a special linkYesYes
Privacy policy exstras (see above)YesYes
Track how many visitors use ad blockersYesYes
Track JavaScript errorsYes
Prevent tracking pages until they are viewedYesYes
Track when elements are seen (ads, popups, etc.)YesYes
Track clicks on dynamically-added page elementsYesYes
Label pages by type for later analysisYesYes
Full opt-in and opt-out functions in cookie noticeYesYes
Track only the first click if a user clicks multiple times on the same elementYesYes
Do not track form submission if they could be submitted by botsYesYes
Do not track exploratory page scrollsYesYes
Track original page title in Google Analytics reportsYesYes
Use Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics at the same timeYesYes
Use up to 2 integrations of GA UA, GA 4 and Facebook Pixel at the same timeYes
Easily change prefix for Google Analytics cookiesYesYes
Prevent sending GA events to GTM’s data_layerYesYes
Give tracking scripts extra time to send data before the page redirects after a user clicks a linkYes
Blur page content behind cookie noticeYesYes
Make exceptions for certain parts of the page from being blurredYesYes
Send to GTM what cookie notice buttons were clickedYesYes
Send to GTM what are visitors’ previous cookie choicesYesYes
Track clicks in cookie notice buttons by tools that don’t get blocked by ad blockersYesYes
Tag session recordingsYesYes
and more…

Looking for a specific feature?
Tell me what it is and I may add it to the plugin :)
Looking for a specific feature?
Tell me what it is and I may add it to the plugin :)