Full Picture Free vs Pro

Both, Full Picture Free and Pro are amazing and very useful plugins. See how they are different and which version is better for you.

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What is the same

In both, Full Picture Free and Pro you are getting the same amazing Cookie Notice (with geolocation!) which helps you make your site compliant with privacy laws in various countries.

Both, Free and Pro also let you install tracking tools with ready-to-use integrations and Custom Scripts module. No changes there.

And finally, both versions give you the same powerful functions to improve the accuracy of the data collected by all the tracking tools installed on your site!

What is different

Full Picture Pro gives lets you gather more actionable traffic insights with its tracking tools integrations. You can track all sorts of data – from scrolls and form submissions to WP data, custom metadata and WooCommerce.

What will change

In the future versions of Full Picture Pro you will see more advanced features that won’t be available in the free version, mainly: even more advanced tracking options, behavioural targeting, server side tracking, traffic filtering.

Try it now. For Free!

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