Who is Full Picture for

Full Picture was made to un-confuse website analytics and user privacy. It offers unique features prepared for 3 main groups of users.

Full Picture is for data-driven website owners

Use any tool you need

You have a choice. Use ready integrations with 16 tracking and marketing tools or add your own.

Experiment to find the tool that gives you the data you need in a form you understand.

Comply with privacy laws without extra cost

Don’t pay for cookie-blocking services or waste time looking for analytics plugins that work with your cookie notice plugin.

Full Picture gives you a cookie notice that loads cookies when and where needed. Just like that. Even in the free version.

Start thinking what you will do with your free time

If you manage your site youself then Full Picture can save you from hours to even weeks of work.

Migrate to Full Picture and start thinking what to do with the time you just saved.

* Full Picture includes an integration with Google Tag Manager for people who are used to it. However we recommend using “Custom Scripts” module instead. It lets you easily load tracking tools with respect to user privacy. Doing the same in GTM would take you from hours to days of work.

Full Picture is for marketers who over-deliver

Set up tracking in minutes

Get results faster than your competitors. Do not spend days setting up tracking.

Set up tracking in minutes and spend the rest of the time working on your customer’s business.

Avoid mistakes

Tracking custom data can be challenging. So avoid mistakes and use ready-made tracking functions built in Full Picture.

Easily track clicks, forms, downloads, user actions, ecommerce events and more. With (almost) all tracking tools!

Make your clients love you

Save your clients’ money on cookie blocking services.

Give them access to tools they understand while you work on the “Big” stuff.

Set up tracking quicker than your competition.

Full Picture is for developers who need solutions. Not problems.

Use FP’s data object

Full Picture saves a JS data object (fpdata) with the information that is being tracked. Use it in your own scripts or in custom scripts added to “Custom Scripts” module.

Sell Full Picture add-ons*

Creating add-ons for Full Picture is easy. Just copy the base plugin, modify it and add your own logic. Use multiple actions and filters to create seamless experience.

Integrate your plugin with FP**

Let site owners track how visitors use your plugin. Simply use our API to send the data to all tracking tools enabled with Full Picture.

* At the moment we are working on the documentation. Contact us to learn more.
** Technology in the making. Contact us to learn more.