Splitbee WordPress Integration in Full Picture Plugin

Easily install Splitbee on your WordPress site and extend its features.

  • track how many people agree and decline your cookies
  • track clicks, form submissions amd other events
  • automatically track WooCommerce purchases

Splitbee is a simple analytics and A/B testing tool with a superpower – it can be run in “no-cookies” mode. This means that it won’t need cookie consent and cookie notice!

What it can do

Splitbee lets you measure your traffic and run content experiments (test which version of your content is the best).

By using Full Picture you will not only be able to start using it on your site in no time. You will easily set up advanced tracking features that would otherwise require the help of a developer!

What you can track

Full Picture integration of Splitbee goes beyond the basic traffic measurement. It also lets you track:

  • clicks on affiliate links
  • purchases and other e-commerce events
  • clicks on file downloads,
  • clicks on contact links
  • clicks on any page element you want
  • form submissions
  • login status and role of your visitors
  • user emails

WooCommerce is supported out-of-the-box and events from other e-commerce plugins can be tracked via Full Picture’s custom events


To enable Splitbee just make sure that this site’s domain matches the one you registered in Splitbee’s dashboard. And you are done!