Plausible for WordPress with Full Picture Plugin

Easily intergate Plausible with your site and... make it better.

  • track WP data
  • track clicks, form submissions and other visitors actions
  • automatically track WooCommerce events and conversions

Plausible is a simple web-analytics tool with a superpower. It that does not require cookies!

This means that you can run it without waiting for visitors cookie consent! You don’t even need a cookie consent notice if you use only Plausible Analytics platform on your site.

But if you do use any other tools that require cookies you can use Plausible to… track clicks in cookie notice buttons!


No identifiers, keys or passwords needed. Simply enable the integration in your Full Picture’s settings and you should be ok.

What it can do

Apart form basic tracking that Plausible gives you out-of-the-box, you can use Full Picture to track and send to Plausible additional data. You can trach and measure:

  • purchases and other e-commerce events
  • clicks in various links (email, phone links, affiliate)
  • clicks in page elements
  • form submissions
  • file downloads
  • track adblock usage
  • how many visitors block ads
  • clicks on cookie consent buttons

WooCommerce is supported out-of-the-box and events from other e-commerce plugins can be tracked via Full Picture’s custom events