Inspectlet WordPress Integration

Record sessions, view heatmaps, test content and get feedback in a smart way. With Full Picture plugin you can easily install Inspectlet on your site and:​

  • tag recordings with custom data, user actions and events
  • tag recordings with WooCommerce purchases and events
  • and much more

Use Full Picture to integrate your WordPress site with Inspectlet and start using its powerful features.

You can use Inspectlet to:

  • record user sessions
  • view heatmaps showing where users click and how deep they scroll
  • test which version of your content performs best
  • get feedback from on-page surveys
  • analyse forms
  • find out about errors on your site

What you can do with Full Picture

Full Picture lets you easily install inspectlet on your site and use its features – without the need to hire a developer.

Full Picture also gives you an easy way to tag session recordings with such events as:

  • purchases,
  • additions to cart,
  • additions to wishlists,
  • clicks on outbound links
  • clicks on affiliate links
  • clicks on contact links
  • clicks on file download links
  • form submissions
  • user status and role
  • page type
  • page author
  • UTM campaign parameters
  • referring site
  • any sort of custom data (even e-commerce)

Use these tags to quickly find the recordings that show you what you are interested in.

WooCommerce is supported out-of-the-box and events from other e-commerce plugins can be tracked via Full Picture’s custom events.