Hotjar Integration for WordPress

Use the full potential of Hotjar - easier, faster and smarter.​

  • tag recordings with custom data, user actions and events
  • tag recordings with WooCommerce purchases and events
  • identify logged-in users
  • and more...

Hotjar lets you:

  • record sessions of your users
  • visually present their clicks and scrolls on heatmaps
  • get feedback with targetted surveys

Full Picture plugin lets you install it on your WordPress site and use 100% of its potential. Without the need to hire a developer. And here is how it does it…


To install Hotjar on your site you simply need to paste the Site ID from your hotjar dashboard to Full Picture’s setting field. And you are done.


Full Picture goes beyond the basics. It lets you use the Full Potential of Hotjar by letting you:

  • tag session recordings with:
    • purchases
    • clicks on page elements,
    • clicks on affiliate links,
    • clicks on contact links,
    • clicks on anchors,
    • UTM parameters,
    • referring site domain
    • and form submissions
  • tag session recordings with any e-commerce events and conversion information (the data needs to be available in page’s HTML)
  • identify logged in users by their user id (it can be also encoded)
  • save user attributes in hotjar
  • trigger recordings after user’s actions.