More than just a Google Tag Manager plugin for WordPress

Full Picture comes with 17+ ready-to-use integrations with tracking, marketing and other tools and a GDPR-compliant cookie notice.

Plus, it allows you to add other scripts to your site with its own tag-management solution or with Google Tag Manager. See what it can do.

Even though Full Picture is a WordPress tag manager, it also lets you install and use GTM on your site. You can use it if you are used to GTM but you still want to make use of the unique features of Full Picture.

Choose Full Picture’s Google Tag Manager integration to easily send to GTM WooCommerce events, database meta data and user actions.

What you can track

WooCommerce events and data

User engagement time

WordPress data

Custom meta data from other plugins


Form submissions

Scroll depth

AJAX-triggered URL changes

User roles

Visibility of page elements

Broken links

Unique features

Automatically track and send WooCommerce purchases, product and list item views, additions to cart and other events

Does not track pages in tabs until they are viewed

Track clicks with the left and middle mouse button

Track custom meta data from other plugins and frameworks like ACF or Meta Box (available in FP 3.4.0)

Track how long user was actively engaged with the content on site

Label pages for easy grouping and analysis

Track internal broken links

and more

Other plugin features

Features and functions listed below are common to other ready-to-use integrations available in Full Picture plugin for WordPress.

Use 16 other ready-to-use integrations with tracking and marketing tools or add your own scripts

Send WooCommerce events automatically to all enabled integrations

Use an in-built privacy-focused cookie notice with geolocation!

Easily prevent tracking yourself and your employees with a unique tracking-prevention solution

Create a custom 404 page and redirect there everyone who clicks a broken link

Use a special shortcode to add to your privacy policy an always-current list of the trackign tools you use