More than just a Google Ads plugin for WordPress

Full Picture lets you connect to your WordPress site 17+ tracking and marketing solution. Google Ads is one of them. Read below to see what it can do.

Full Picture is more than just a Google Ads WordPress plugin. This is what you can do with it…

Track conversions based on…

WooCommerce purchases

Clicks on affiliate links and page elements

Form submissions

Visibility of page elements

Visited pages

Build custom audiences based on WooCommerce events…


Additions to cart

Checkout initiation

Product views

Unique features

Automatically track WooCommerce purchases. You only need to register types of conversions in Google Ads dashboard

Track clicks on links with the left and middle mouse button

Other plugin features

Features and functions listed below are common to other ready-to-use integrations available in Full Picture plugin for WordPress.

Use 16 other ready-to-use integrations with tracking and marketing tools or add your own scripts

Send WooCommerce events automatically to all enabled integrations

Use an in-built privacy-focused cookie notice with geolocation!

Easily prevent tracking yourself and your employees with a unique tracking-prevention solution