Crazy Egg WordPress Integration in Full Picture Plugin

With Full Picture plugin you can easily install Crazy Egg on your site and:​

  • tag recordings with custom data, user actions and events
  • tag recordings with WooCommerce purchases and events
  • and identify users

Crazy Egg is a simple screen recording and A/B testing tool.

With Crazy Egg you can see what your customers are doing on your site, how they move your conversion paths, what they click, how they engage with your site and more.

And if you want to test different versions of your content, you can do it too!


To start using Crazy Egg on your WordPress site simply install Full Picture plugin, enable Crazy Egg integration and paste the id from Crazy Egg dashboard to your Full Picture’s settings page.

Full Picture gives Crazy Egg superpowers

Full Picture lets you easily tag your recordigns for easy filtering in your CrazyEgg dashboard.

You simply choose what do you want to tag your recordings with and the rest is done automatically. Full Picture can tag your Crazy Egg recordings when your visitors:

  • click specific links (outbound, affiliate, coptact or anchors)
  • click specific page elements (buttons, images, ads – whatever you want)
  • submit forms
  • view popups, pricing tables or ads
  • make purchases*
  • make any other e-commerce-relaed actions in your store (view product pages, add/remove products to cart, etc.)*

* WooCommerce is supported out-of-the-box and conversions from other e-commerce plugins can be tracked via Full Picture’s custom events

But that is not all. With Full Picure you can also very easily enable:

  • Identification of logged-in users
  • Encoding user ids before sending to Crazy Egg
  • Setting curom user variables