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In WordPress we have many types of content, like pages, posts, categories, archives, etc.

Most of these content types have only one specific purpose like product pages display products, search pages display search results, 404 page displays “page not found” information, etc.

Now, it is important to know that some analytics tools can take this information and let you filter your reports by types of pages. This makes analysis of these types much easier.

However, there is one problem – pages.

The problem with pages

In WordPress “pages” can have multiple purposes. They can be used as front pages, blog pages, contact pages, landing pages, checkouts, carts (with plugins), etc. etc.

Full Picture does its best to recognize these types and send this information to integrated tracking tools, but it cannot recognize all of them.

It cannot tell the difference between your landing pages, contact pages, “about us” pages, etc.

And this is where page labeling comes in.

How page labeling works

Full Picture lets you send your page labels in 2 formats: as terms of a custom taxonomy (act like tags) and as typical page types.

You will need to choose which one is the best for you and… which one is supported by your tracking tool!

If you simply enable page labeling (1st setting above) then your labels will behave similarly to tags.

You will be able to add multiple labels to pages and all of them will be sent to your tracking tool as terms. This means however, that your tracking tool needs to support term tracking – and not all of them do!

If, on the other hand, you choose to treat labels as page types (2nd setting above) then labels will replace the generic “page” page-type that is sent to tracking tools.

Here however only the first label assigned to the page will be used. Fortunately tracking page types is supported by almost all tracking tools.

Questions and answers

I turned on page labeling and chose to treat labels as page types. What page label will be sent to a tracking tool if I label a WooCommerce “checkout” page?

In this case the page type will be “checkout”. This is beacsue types of pages with a defined purpose, like “checkout”, “search”, “blog home” page, etc. are not overwrittten by labels.

I have chosen to treat labels as page types. Does this mean they will also be used as terms?

No. If labels are used as page types they will no longer be used as terms.

I added multiple labels to my pages but only the first one is visible as a page type. Why is that?

Pages can only have one type. If multiple labels were assigned to a page, then only the first one will be used as a page type and the rest will be skipped.