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Function available in Full Picture 4.4 and newer

Automatic cookie notice setup helps you make your cookie notice compliant with privacy laws in different countries without having to know privacy regulations in all of them.

It does that by:

  1. detecting the location of the visitor
  2. checking if cookie notice is required in a given country
  3. setting it up to work in one of 3 modes:
    • opt-in
    • opt-out
    • Inform only

You can learn more about them here.

How to enable automatic cookie notice setup

In order to enable automatic setup, you need to enable geolocation module first.

Once you do that, new settings will show up on the settings page of the cookie notice.

auto compliance settings

The “Manual setup” option is the default one, but you can change it to an automatic setup. There are 2 available – strict and lax.

Differences between strict and lax cookie notice setups

In many countries, privacy and cookie regulations are not clear enough to tell how the notice should work or even if it is required. That is why we offer 2 modes.

  • The strict mode takes the safest route by choosing the most strict settings that may be required
  • The lax mode, on the other hand, takes the minimum route

In this article you can find information which countries are covered by each of these modes.