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Key concept – scripts and tools management

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Full Picture (both Free and Pro) can manage tracking tools installed with Full Picture modules (except GTM) or “taken over” by the Scripts Manager module.

But, what does it mean that a tool or a script is managed by Full Picture?

When a tool or a script is managed by Full Picture:

  1. It will load according to the Cookie Notice settings and cookie notice modes.
  2. It will only load on pages that were viewed (e.g. pages in tabs will not be tracked until they are viewed)
  3. It will load only for users that are not excluded from tracking
  4. You will be able to choose what countries the tool should load in (the Geolocation module must be enabled).
  5. The correct traffic source will be passed to this tool even if visitors agree to tracking not on the landing page but on any following page.

In addition, all tracking scripts (not only managed by the FP) can:

  1. See combined traffic referrals from Facebook and Instagram. For more info on that see the General Settings page in FP. Section “Default tracking settings”.
  2. Report on broken links and 404 redirects

What scripts and tools can Full Picture manage?

  1. Tracking tools installed with the built-in integration modules, e.g. for Google Analytics, Hotjar, Microsoft Advertising, etc. (except GTM and Google Optimuze)
  2. Scripts installed with the “Custom Scripts” module
  3. and scripts set up in the “Scripts Manager” module