Installation check (a.k.a Validation mode)

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Added to Full Picture in version 4.1, renamed to “Installation check” in v 4.4

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Installation check lets you easily check the installation of various tracking tools. Simply, turn it on and validate your installation in any tool that requested it.

Why and when to enable installation check (validation mode)?

Some tracking systems (like Hotjar for example) perform installation checks to make sure that that their tools are installed correctly on the site.

However, since Full Picture loads tracking tools conditionally (e.g. after visitors agree to cookies, or only in certain countries), these checks may fail.

That is why Full Picture gives you a simple “installation check” option which forces the tools to load always, without exceptions. This way, we make sure that the system that checks the installation will find the tool’s script on the page.

Why should I disable installation check after validating installation?

Remember to disable validation mode after you use it. If you keep installation check enabled:

  1. your tool will track administrators, excluded user roles, visitors who disagreed to cookies, and even those who browse from excluded locations.
  2. it will make your site not compliant with privacy laws