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To track form submissions, you need to fill in the settings form with:

  1. a CSS selector pointing at your form
  2. a name of a form or, for some tracking tools, event ID

Submissions of form added dynamically (after the page has loaded) will also be tracked if the selector matches the form.

Why some form submissions are not tracked and what to do about it

The main reasons why some form submissions are not tracked are:

1. The tracking script has not loaded

This happens when site visitors use ad blockers or when script errors occur on page.

Unfortunately, you cannot do anything about the first one.

You can track script errors with Google Analytics integration. Full Picture has a function to track JS errors in both GA UA and GA 4.

2. The form is submitted with JavaScript

Full Picture cannot track form submissions when they are done with JavaScript (usually these are the ones that happen without page refresh). In such case, please track clicks on “Submit” button instead.

3. The CSS selector part that you provided in the Full Picture’s settings field is incorrect.

Please enter the CSS selector that precisely targets the form.

4. The event ID is incorrect (for tools that require event registration).

Please make sure that you registered the event properly.