How to track clicks in page elements

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To track clicks in page elements you need to know the IDs or the exact CSS paths leading to that elements, e.g. #page_footer .my-newsletter-form input[type=”submit”].

Enter paths to these elemnts into the textarea field in your Full Picture settings – one path per line.

Next, give the elements names which will be sent to tracking platforms. To do this follow each of the paths with @ symbol and:

  1. a text of your choosing, e.g. [email protected] cliced. In such case “Hero clicked” will be sent to the tracking platform
  2. a [name], e.g. .author-bio [email protected][name]. In such case the text of the clicked element will be sent
  3. a mix of the two options above, e.g. .author-bio [email protected] [name]

Attention! Some tracking platforms require you to send an ID of the “click” event instead of its name. In such case enter the ID after @ like described in point 1 above.

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