How to track clicks in affiliate links

There are generally 2 types of affiliate links:

  1. ones with your partner ID, e.g.
  2. and ones that redirect to an affiliate’s site like

With Full Picture you can track both these types of links.

First however, you need to enable an integration that allows for affiliate link tracking like Google Analytics for example.

Now, let’s see what the options look like here.

Affiliate links can be entered in textarea fields – each affiliate link (or group of links) that you want to track needs to be entered in a separate line.

To track affiliate links write in the textarea a part of the URL of your affiliate link that can be found only in these links, e.g. /go/, ?ref=johnb or any other word.

When these links are clicked a full URL will be sent to your integrated tracking platform.

However, you can go one step further with that.

If you prefer, you can send descriptive text instead of a URL.

To do that follow the URL part with an @ symbol and:

  1. a text of your choosing, e.g. ?ref=johnb@Custom name. In such case “Custom name” will be sent to the tracking platform
  2. a [name], e.g. ?ref=johnb@[name]. In such case the text of the link will be sent to the tracking platform
  3. a mix of the two options above, e.g. ?ref=johnb@Affiliate [name]

Attention! Some tracking platforms require you to send the ID of the affiliate link instead of its URL or name (like Fathom or Plausible). In such case enter the ID after @ – like described in point 1 above.

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