How to track clicks in page affiliate links

To track clicks in affiliate links write in the textarea a part of the URL of your affiliate link(s), e.g. /go/ or ?ref=johnb

When these links are clicked a full URL will be sent to the tracking platform.

If you prefer to send descriptive text instead of the URL, you can follow URL part with an @ symbol and:

  1. a text of your choosing, e.g. ?ref=johnb@Custom name. In such case “Custom name” will be sent to the tracking platform
  2. a [name], e.g. ?ref=johnb@[name]. In such case the text of the link will be sent to the tracking platform
  3. a mix of the two options above, e.g. ?ref=johnb@Affiliate [name]

Attention! Some tracking platforms require you to send the ID of the affiliate link instead of its URL or name. In such case enter the ID after @ like described in point 1 above.

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