Broken links tracking

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To start tracking broken links simply enable the “Track broken links” option in “Main settings” > “Global tracking settings“.

You can also optionally choose to redirect visitors who click non-existent links to a page of your choice by enabling “Use custom 404 page”.

From that moment on, you will be able to view broken links in your Google Analytics or any other tracking tool’s dashboard.

Simply search for visited pages that contain phrase “broken_link“.

Information about the location of these links will be a part of the links itself. For example:[your_custom_404_page_url]/?broken_link_location=[location]&broken_link=[broke_link_url]

Psst. It is good practice to set your custom 404 page to “noindex” so that it doesn’t show up in Google, Yahoo and other searches.

You can set pages as “noindex” using almost any SEO plugin for WordPress.