How to reset choices made in the cookie notice

You can reset choices made in the cookie notice in 3 ways:

  1. in the developer’s console
  2. by using traffic exclusion feature
  3. directly in the cookie notice

Use developer’s console

  1. Open your browser’s console (in most cases it is a combination of ctrl + shift + i)
  2. Go to “Application” tab
  3. In the sidebar find section “cookies” and click your domain name
  4. Find and delete cookie “fp_cookie”

Use tracking exclusion method

  1. enable “Magic URLs” in the Full Picture’s “Main” settings tab
  2. visit your site from an address with added “?tracking=reset” at the end, e.g.

The default keyword “tracking” may be different in your case. Check if it has been overwritten in the field below “Magic URLs” toggle.

Re-show cookie notice

You can show cookie notice once it has been closed by clicking an element on page with a class “fp-show-cookie-notice”.

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