How to get Google Ads tag ID & conversion ID

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To track conversions in Google Ads you need to enter tag ID and Conversion ID in Full Picture’s settings panel. This is how to do it.

  1. Log in to your Google Ads dashboard

2. From the top menu click a “wrench” icon and then “conversions”

3. Next, click a blue “+” icon to add a conversion action

4. On the next page click “Website”

5. Next you will see a form. Fill these fields:

  • Category
  • Conversion name – write a descriptive name
  • Value – choose “different values for each conversion” to track e-commerce conversions or “use the same value for each conversion” for all the rest
  • Count – choose “every” for e-commerce and “once” for other ones (if it makes sense in your case)
  • Other options – Do not change them unless you know what you are doing

6. Save settings and choose “Install the tag yourself

7. You will see 2 sections with code. Copy 2 values highlighted below and paste them to your Full Picture’s settings:

  • In the “Global site tag” field paste the first highlighted value. It should look similar to “AW-123456789”
  • In the “Conversion ID” field copy the second highlighted value (only the part after “/”)