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Full Picture offers 2 methods of excluding users from being tracked – one for logged-in users and one for users who are not logged-in.

Both of these methods turn off all tracking provided by the Full Picture, this includes not only web-analytics tools but also conversion optimisation tools, session recording tools etc.

Excluding logged-in users

The most typical way of excluding traffic is to disable tracking for users with specific user roles e.g. editor, author, shop manager, etc. The role of administrator is always excluded from tracking.

For this setting to work, users need to be logged in before they can visit the site. Since it is not perfect in many situations, Full Picture provides an additional way of excluding traffic…

excluding visitors from tracking full picture

Excluding specific not-logged-in users

Specific visitors and company employees who have not logged in, can be excluded from being tracked with a special URL parameter.

To use it, you need to enable “Magic URLs” in your Full Picture’s main settings.

With Magic URLs enabled, you are able to exclude tracking by visiting your site through a link with an additional parameter ?tracking=off, e.g.

When you do this, all your actions will no longer be tracked (now and in the future) on the browser you used to enter the site. This needs to be repeated on all browsers that you use to visit your site.

You can also send this URL to your employees so that their traffic is also excluded.

When tracking is off an icon will be visible in the bottom left screen corner. Clicking it, will reset tracking options.

no track icon

How NOT to exclude your traffic from tracking

If you live in a country where cookie notice is required, you might be tempted to exclude your traffic by declining the use of cookies.

This is however not a recommended method.

There are integrations in Full Picture that track visitors without using cookies, thus declining their use, will not change anything. At the moment these integrations are Plausible Analytics and Google Tag Manager (a container that can load other tools).

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