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First steps in Full Picture

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Hi. My name’s Chris and I’m the developer of this plugin.

The goal of Full Picture is to help you use all of your favourite analytics and marketing tools in a way that complies with privacy laws in any country in the world.

Its main part is the cookie notice, which can be extended by a number of useful modules.

If your visitors come from multiple countries, enable the Geolocation module. It changes how the notice looks and works depending on where the visitors are coming from.

If you have any tracking tools already installed on your site, then use the Scripts Manager module. This way, Full Picture will be able to load these tools when it is required by law. This is an alternative to blocking cookies that you hear about so often.

And finally, if you want to install some new analytics and marketing tools, you can install them through Full Picture’s integration modules. This way you won’t have to use other plugins, your site will run slightly faster. And most importantly, all tools installed this way will already be integrated with your cookie notice (so you won’t have to set up the Scripts Manager I told you about before).

However, that is not all.

Full Picture can also help you improve the data you track with your analytics and marketing tools. And it doesn’t matter if they are installed with other plugins or with Full Picture’s integrations.