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Cookie notice FAQ

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Is it obligatory to use the cookie notice included with Full Picture?

No. The notice is a module that you can enable if you wish.

Can I use a different cookie notice plugin with Full Picture?

Yes, you can, but other plugins may not comply with privacy regulations and may not be able to block cookies of the tools that Full Picture loads.

Can I use a cookie management service instead of Full Picture’s cookie notice?

Yes, you can.

Does Full Picture’s cookie notice’s functionality is limited in any way?

No. Not even in the free version. We do not limit the number of pages where the notice shows up or the number of pageviews when it works.

Is the notice really GDPR compliant?

Yes. The notice blocks cookies until visitor agrees to cookies (unless you set it up differently).

Can I translate the notice?

Yes you can. We tested it in WPML and Polylang but it is possible that other translation plugins will work with it too.