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full pictures cookie notice wordpress customizer settings
Cookie notice styling settings in the WordPress theme customizer

Full Picture comes with a ready-to-use cookie notice. The notice can be set up to fully comply with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

It can work in 2 modes – with and without geolocation (there is a separate module for that).

With geolocation, cookie notice can be set up to load tracking tools and their cookies differently for visitors in different locations.

How does it work? How is it different from other cookie management platforms?

There are many cookie management platforms (CMPs) that you can use to make your site (more) compliant with privacy laws.

These services – based on a set of conditions – block cookies before they are loaded by tools that use them.

It is important to know that these services do not know what cookies to block. To block correct cookies they:

  1. scan your whole website
  2. list the cookies they find
  3. try to match these cookies with the cookies blocked by their other users. If these cookies are blocked by other users, they are also blocked by the CMPs.

The downside of this solution is the fact that some cookies may be incorrectly recognized and can break the site or some of its functions.

Full Picture’s cookie notice gives you basically the same effect, but in a different way.

Full Picture does not block cookies. It prevents the tools that set them up from loading. The main effect is the same – the cookies do not load. But the means of doing that is different.

By preventing the tracking tools from loading, Full Picture:

  1. does not need to scan your website,
  2. does not expect you to know if unrecognized cookies (with names like “_mnc89_b2”) are safe to load or not

The downside of this method is that all the 3rd party tools have to be loaded via Full Picture and not other plugins.

Cookie Management PlatformsFull Picture’s cookie notice
Block cookies until visitors agree to cookiesBlock tools that load cookies until visitors agree to cookies
Have to periodically scan your websiteDoes not need to scan your website
Expects you to know what unrecognized cookies doDoes not expect you to know cookies your site uses
May occasionally break your site when it blocks an important cookie
If configured correctly, it works with all tracking tools and scripts on your siteRequires you to load all tracking scripts and scripts with Full Picture