Can you use Google Optimize and be compliant with GDPR and Cookie Law?

In order to use the full potential of Google Optimize it needs to be loaded when the page loads. When it does, it can modify the page’s content before it can be noticed by the user. This of course is super important to make the results of A/B tests reliable.


The problem is that according to Cookie Law site visitors need to give their consent to cookies that Google Optimize needs. In other words, no tests will run until users give their consent to cookies.

This realistically makes all tests on landing pages impossible to run.

But there is another twist to this story – Google Analytics. Fortunately it is a minor one.

The thing is that Google Optimize requires Google Analytics Universal Analytics to be installed and running.

Just like Google Optimize Google Analytics also requires cookie consent before it can be used.

Can Full Picture help you with the problem?

In the 1.4 version of the plugin we are planning to introduce a content blur option with the cookie notice. This will blur page’s content before until the user agrees to cookies.

This will allow for changing the site’s content after visitors give their consent to cookies, while making content changes more difficult to notice.

This option will be available in the free version of the plugin that you can download from WordPress repository.

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