WooCommerce tracking

Track WooCommerce events in your favorite analytics and marketing tools

Many WordPress analytics plugins let you track WooCommerce. But only Full Picture lets you track it automatically and with every tracking and marketign tool you use.

You can track WooCommerce events with:

  • Analytics tools like Google Analytics or Plausible
  • Marketing tools like Google Ads, Facebook Pixel or Microsoft Advertising
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Screen recorders (events will be saved as tags of your recordings)
  • and even custom scripts added with our Custom Scrpts module (requires developer’s setup – documentation in the making).
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What events can I track?

Full Picture automatically tracks views of product teasers* (e.g. on category pages), views of product details pages, additions and removals from cart, additions to wishlist, starting checkout and purchases.

* tracking product impressions in “All products” and “Featured products” Gutenberg modules is not supported.

Can I track all these events with all tools that FP gives me?

Unfortunately not. Tracking tools limit what kind of ecommerce data we can send to them. While purchases can be tracked by all the tools, only Google Analytics lets us track views of produt teasers.

Can I track order values without tax and shipping cost?

Yes. There are switches for that in the options.

How does Full Picture protect me from tracking incorrect data?

Full Picture makes sure that the e-commerce data you collect is as precise as possible. It makes sure that each checkout and order is tracked only once. It does not count product teaser views that happen after page refresh. You can also treat variants of variable products as parent products, to accurately track purchase paths.

Can I track SKUs as product IDs?

Sure you can. There is a switch for that.

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