Unique Features

Things that turn Full Picture from good to great

Full Picture gives you a range of unique and powerful features which:

  • improve the quality of collected data
  • make compliance with cookie laws much easier
  • let you use advanced tracking without spending weeks on coding them (we know that – we spent weeks coding them for you)
  • and more. See for yourself on the list below
hp people analysing data

Only* Full Picture lets you:

  • prevent tracking you and your employees with a simple link (works even when you are not logged in!)
  • a shortcode that displays an always-current list of tracking tools you use on the site (perfect for your privacy policy)
  • track ad blockers
  • track JavaScript errors
  • prevent tracking pages if they are not viewed, e.g. pages open in tabs won’t get tracked until someone actually looks at them
  • track how long visitors are engaged with the content on your site
  • track clicks on page elements that are added dynamically with JavaScript
  • track when visitors view certain elements on your pages, e.g. popups, notifications, ads, etc.
  • label pages by their purpose
  • blur page content behind cookie notice – this is very useful if you want to comply with cookie regulations but want to A/B test landing pages
  • make exceptions for certain parts of the page from being blurred
  • pause page redirect until tracking tools finish sending the data
  • choose when to start tracking people (after they agree to cookies or with page load). You can even set it on tool-by-tool basis!
  • track only the first click in a multi-click, e.g. double-click or rage-click
  • prevent tracking form submissions if they happen too quickly after pageload (this may indicate that they were submitted by bots)
  • track only scrolls that matter (not when people are quickly skimming the page)
  • track original page titles in Google Analytics reports (SEO titles are tracked by default)
  • use Google Analytics UA and Google Analytics 4 at the same time
  • use up to 2 integrations of GA UA, 2 integrations of GA 4 and 2 integrations of Facebook Pixel at the same time (PRO)
  • easily change prefix of Google Analytics cookies to avoid tracking issues when using multiple Google Analytics tracking tags
  • avoid sending GA events to GTM’s data_layer when they are both enabled
  • send to GTM what cookie notice buttons were clicked
  • send to GTM visitors cookie choices
  • track clicks in cookie notice buttons by tools that don’t get blocked by ad blockers (Plausible, Splitbee, Fathom)
  • track ad block usage by tools that don’t get blocked by ad blockers (Plausible, Splitbee, Fathom)
  • tag session recordings in Microsoft Clarity (not even Microsoft’s own WordPress plugin can do that)
  • tag session recordings in Hotjar (not even Hotjar’s own WordPress plugin can do that)
  • identify Hotjar users via their activity (see above)
  • tag session recordings in Inspectlet (not even Inspectlet’s own WP plugin can do that)
  • identify logged-in users in Inspectlet
  • load Google Optimize script via gtag (default) or optimize.js script (useful if you integrate Google Analytics via a different plugin)
  • oh, and Full Picture does not use jQuery which means no dependencies and faster script execution

And these are some feature that are not unique but are great to-haves:

  • redirect 404 pages to a custom page or any page you want
  • prevent tracking users of specific roles e.g. admins, editors, shop managers, etc.

* the list was composed after testing various competing WordPress analytics plugins. However there may be other plugins that we have not tested and which have some of the listed functions