What can you track with Full Picture?

A lot!

Every tracking and marketing tool (well, almost) that is available in Full Picture plugin has been extended to let you track more data and give you more insights.

So, what can you track?

WooCommerce events and data

WordPress data (page types, author names, SEO titles, taxonomies and terms)

Custom post meta data from other plugins and frameworks like Advanced Custom Fields or Meta Box

User actions (clicks, form submissions, scrolls, views of page elements, etc.)

User engagement time

and much, much more…

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Can Full Picture tag screen recordings of tools like Microsoft Clarity or Hotjar?

Yes! Full Picture lets you tag screen recordings with user actions, WP data and even WooCommerce events like purchases and additions to cart. Tagging is available for all tools that take screen recordings.

I want to install an extra tool to Full Picture using “Custom Scripts” module. Can I send to it custom tracking data?

Yes, but at the moment there is no documentation for that 🙁 Contact us if you want to send custom data and we will help.

Does Full Picture help me track correct data?

Yes. Full Picture uses a few different techniques to ensure that the data you collect is free from noise. It tracks pageviews only when the visitor actually views a page (not when they open it in a different tab). It prevents you from tracking exploratory page scrolls, form submissions done by bots and other.

What skills do I need to track custom data with Full Picture?

It depends on the actual data you want to track. Sometimes you don’t need to do anything (automatic WooCommerce tracking), sometimes you need to switch an option (to enable e.g. tracking page types) and sometimes you need to provide a CSS path (e.g. to track clicks on specific buttons).

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