Full Picture’s Cookie Notice

Comply with privacy-laws. It’s as easy as a click

Full picture cookie notice animation

Full Picture has a built-in cookie notice that fully complies with privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA and alike.

The notice is optional to use but if you need it, you won’t find an easier (and cheaper) solution. The notice is 100% free even in the free version of the plugin.

What it can do

The main characteristic of our notice is also what makes it compliant with privacy and cookie laws.

Full Picture’s cookie notice loads cookies and starts tracking visitors when and where it is required. It provides you with full, no-BS opt-in – just as required by the European Union.

But it doesn’t stop there. Full Picture’s cookie notice gives you a ton of other useful options. You can:

  • use geolocation to show notice in specific countries only
  • make loading exceptions for chosen tools (this will however make your site not-compliant with the laws)
  • personalise the look of the notice
  • customize and translate its texts (it is compatible with WPML and Polylang)
  • and more

What it won’t do

Full Picture will help you with cookie management and tracking visitors but it is not able to help you with other aspects of privacy regulations. You will need to take care of them yourself.


Can I use my own notice and comply with privacy laws?

Yes! If you have your own notice you can easily hook it up to Full Picture’s functions. This will make the buttons in your notice load or unload tracking tools after visitors agree or disagree to cookies.

Do I have to use the notice?

No. It’s optional however strongly recommended if your traffic comes from countries where the notice is required.

Can Full Picture’s cookie notice replace CookieBot/iubenda/CookieYes or other cookie-blocking services?

Yes. Full Picture’s cookie notice can be used instead of the cookie-blocking services. However you will have to start using Full Picture to manage all your tracking tools and scripts. You will also have to use iframe blocking shortcodes (also available in the plugin).

Can I show the notice only in some countries?

Sure you can. Full Picture provides you with a free geolocation module. It extends the notice’s functions and lets it to be loaded only in certain countries.

Try the free version

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