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Make your website user friendly with Full Picture’s turn-key privacy solutions

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100% GDPR-compliant cookie notice

Full Picture comes with privacy-focused, 100% GDPR compliant cookie notice.

It loads cookies and starts tracking tools when and where it is required.

And all of it with no extra cost.

Iframe blocking

Embedded content like YouTube videos or maps, use their own cookies to track your visitors.

Full Picture provides you with a simple blocking solution to keep them disabled until visitors agree to cookies.

It’s that simple 🙂

Privacy policy extras

Full Picture gives you a special shortcode which shows your visitors a list of all tracking tools that you have currently enabled.

Insert it in your Privacy Policy to save you time.


With geolocation you can show cookie notice, load tracking tools and custom scripts only where it is required.

You can easily disable tools in certain countries. For example you can disable Google Analytics in Austria and France where it is banned.


ill using Full Picture’s privacy tools make my site fully compliant with privacy laws?

No. Full Picture can handle permission-triggered cookie loading and tracking however it doesn’t cover other areas of privacy regulations. For example, it won’t add consent-box to your forms or automatically delete your visitor’s data when they ask for it. You will need to do it yourself.

I am on a paid plan of (tool name) . Can I load it only in countries where I do business? I don’t want to pay for tracking traffic in other countries.

Yes. You can easily do this with the geolocation extension. It is free in all versions of Full Picture.

I am using a premium cookie-blocking service. Can I resign from it if I use Full Picture?

Yes, but only if you start using all of Full Picture’s privacy tools to manage all of your tracking tools and scripts. Only this way Full Picture will be able to control the way they are loaded according to privacy regulations.

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