Send your WooCommerce events to 17+ analytics & marketing tools

Make your WooCommerce store smarter!

Track your revenue, taxes, shipping costs, product performance, user events (like clicks in “add to cart” buttons) and more!

Full Picture collects all this information and sends it to your chosen analytics, tracking and marketing tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, Hotjar, Microsoft Clarity, Plausible and more.

Only multiple tools can give you 360 degrees view on your business and help you make smarter decisions. Ful Picture lets you use them – easily.

Full Picture plugin is a complete WooCommerce tracking solution that you need.


Full Picture plugin comes with WooCommerce support bundled in. No extensions or add-ons.

Simply enable WooCommerce support and Full Picture will start tracking and sending data to your chosen tracking tools. All of this, without difficult configuration options.

What you can track

Full Picture let’s you track:

  • Purchases
  • Conversions
  • Products added to cart
  • Products removed from cart
  • Views of product pages
  • Impressions of product teasers in shop pages, and lists like “related products” or “up-sells”
  • Impressions of product teasers in Gutenberg blocks (except “All Products” and “Featured Product” blocks)
  • Impressions of product teasers in widgets
  • Impressions of product teasers displayed by the “products” shortcode

Full Picture tracks all types of WooCommerce products. You can track simple products, virtual ones, downloadable, variable and grouped ones.

Also you can choose what product data will be sent to tracking tools. You can choose to send:

  • Prices with or without tax
  • Revenue with or without tax and shipping costs
  • Shipping costs as a separate value

What you can’t track 🙁

At the moment you can’t track applied filters of product lists and Gutenberg blocks “All products” and “Featured product”. We are working hard on making these elements trackable in the next versions of Full Picture.

What you can do with this data

Full Picture lets you send this data to multiple analytics, tracking and marketing tools for 360 degrees insights.

You can – for example:

  • Show ads only to people who are truly interested in your products
  • Measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns
  • Measure the effectiveness of your product pages, cart and checkout
  • Find problems in your offer
  • Learn what your visitors like and don’t like
  • Learn what your visitors are trully looking for and adjust your offer to match it

Smart features

Full Picture makes sure that the e-commerce data you collect is as precise as possible.

  • FP gives you more accurate checkout abandonement statistics by limiting the number of times “checkout” page is tracked in a single user session
  • It gives you more accurate purchase statistics by tracking each purchase only once
  • Refreshed product pages are not tracked twice
  • You can measure and compare the sales of product brands by easily adding a “brand” to products (or tracking a “brand” you already by a different plugin)
  • Product impression statistics can be safely sent in batches – to prevent reaching Google Analytics’ limits
  • You can send product SKUs for IDs
  • You can choose to treat variants of a variable product like a simple product. This helps in tracking purchase paths but at a cost of not tracking particular variants.

Give the free version a try!