The most advanced Google Tag Manager plugin
for WordPress

Use the full potential of GTM easier, faster and smarter​

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that you can use to add to your site tags (scripts) of different 3rd party tools. You can add tracking tools not available in Full Picture, live chat app, popup app, and many, many more.

Full Picture let’s you install GTM in a click and use its full potential. Easily.


Full Picture’s automatically installs Google Tag Manager container on your WordPress site. Simply paste your GTM id in Full Picture’s settings and you are done.

What you can track

Full Picture lets you easily send to GTM custom data tracked on your site. You can track:

  • what cookies your visitors agree to
  • clicks in contact links, affiliate links, outbound links (and any other links you wish)
  • WP data: post categories, tags, custom taxonomies and terms, popular authors, publish dates, and more
  • pageviews (also virtual ones triggered by Ajax or anchor clicks)
  • form submissions
  • when important page elements come into view
  • scroll (with smart filtering)
  • visitor info – user id (encoded), login status and role, user’s browser language
  • the time visitors are engaged with your page’s content
  • search phrases and the number of results

E-commerce tracking

Full Picture PRO comes with WooCommerce support out-of-the-box. Events from other E-commerce plugins can be tracked via Full Picture’s custom events. You can use them to track such events as:

  • add to cart
  • remove from cart
  • checkout initiation
  • purchase
  • product view
  • becoming a lead or a subscriber
  • and more

What makes this GTM integration special?

Full Picture plugin offers a unique set of features you (most probably) won’t find anywhere else.

  • No longer track pageviews when the page is requested. Track them when they are actually viewed!
  • Track the time user was engaged with the page’s content, not the time between clicks​
  • Track when links get clicked not only with left but also with middle mouse button
  • Prevent tracking multiple separate clicks when a user makes a double-click or a rage-click
  • Prevent tracking form submits if they happen right after pageload (indicating bot action)
  • Use smart filtering to only track intentional page scrolls