The most advanced Google Analytics plugin
for WordPress

Powerful, smart, feature-rich.

Google Analytics is the most popular Free analytics tool in the world. By default it collects basic information about your traffic like how many people visit your site, what channels they are coming from, etc. However Full Picture lets you track and measure data that is trully important for your business.

What you can track

In addition to what Google Analytics can track by default Full Picture’s integration also lets you track:

  • e-commerce events (WooCommerce is supported out-of-the-box and events from other e-commerce plugins can be tracked via Full Picture’s custom events)
  • logged-in users across different devices and browsers
  • logged-in and logged-out users across domains and subdomains
  • clicks in contact links, affiliate links and outbound links
  • clicks on any page elements you find important
  • form submits
  • virtual pageviews triggered by Ajax or anchor clicks
  • WP data: post categories, tags, custom taxonomies and terms, popular authors, publish dates, and more
  • roles of logged-in users
  • scrolls and when page elements get into view
  • page types
  • the use of Adblocks
  • and more…

Unique and smart features

Full Picture plugin offers a unique set of features you (most probably) won’t find anywhere else.

  • You can install and use Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics at the same time (even in the Free version)!
  • Full Picture prevents tracking pages that are not viewed (e.g. opened in tabs) until they are actually viewed so your data is more accurate.
  • Full Picture’s Google Analytics integration lets you track how long users were actively engaged with the page’s content (not how long the page was opened)
  • You can track when links get clicked not only with left but also with middle mouse button!
  • Your click reports will not be polluted with double-clicks and rage-clicks. When Full Picture registers multiple clicks on the same element it tracks only the first one.
  • Full Picture prevents tracking form submits if they happen right after pageload (indicating bot action)
  • You can use smart filtering to only track page scrolls that actually mean something
  • And you have an option to add 2 Google Analytics tracking IDs and configure them separately!​ Choose what you want to send to each of them!


Full Picture lets you install on your site the latest Google Analytics 4 (or the previous version Universal Analytics).

You can install both of them and use them at the same time or choose one of them. Fuyll Picture is also the only WordPress plugin that let’s you do it (even in the Free version).

No matter what you choose Full Picture will automatically install the correct tag on your WordPress site. You only need to paste the ID from your Google Analytics dashboard and you are done.