This integration has been discontinued and will no longer be developped.
It may return as an add-on if we get many requests.

Use Fathom Analytics with your
WordPress site

Powerful Full Picture PRO add-on

Fathom is a simple analytics tool that does not use cookies and so it does not require visitor’s cookie consent or cookie notice.

If you integrate it with your WordPress site via Full Picture plugin you will be able to collect additional data about your users and what they do on your site.

What you can do with it

Full Picture lets you track not only basic data but also:

  • clicks in affiliate links
  • clicks in contact links
  • clicks on page elements
  • clicks in cookie notice buttons
  • form submissions
  • adblock usage
  • plus, you can also easily include or exclude your development or stagins sites from collecting tracking information

Give the free version a try!