Facebook Pixel integration

Integrate your WordPress site with Facebook Pixel via Full Picture and get…

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Full Picture WordPress plugin goes beyond the default Facebook Pixel integration.

With Full Picture plugin you will be able to:

Unique and smart features

Full Picture plugin offers a unique set of features you (most probably) won’t find anywhere else.

Integrated cookie notice

Comply with local cookie regulations with an embedded cookie notice that can (optionaly) load Facebook Pixel only when visitors agree to being tracked.

General features

No. of supported Facebook Pixels12
Track clicks on outbound links
Track clicks on affiliate links
Track clicks on email and tel. links
Track clicks on file download links
Track clicks on any page elements
Track form submissions
Track when chosen page elements come into view
Track scrolls
Prevent tracking meaningless scrolls
Track the use of Adblocks
Track page titles
Track WordPress page IDs
Track page numbers of archive pages
Track site author’s display names and IDs
Track post and page publish dates
Track visitor’s login status and role
Track page language
Track terms of taxonomies – standard and custom ones
Track how long a user is engaged with the page’s content
Add to all events the time when the event happened since page load

E-commerce features

Track purchases (via custom Full Picture events)
Track product views
Track when products are added to cart (via custom Full Picture events)
Track when a new subscriber signs up (via custom Full Picture events)
Track when checkout is started (via custom Full Picture events)
Track when a new lead signs up (via custom Full Picture events)
Track when a product is added to a wishlist (via custom Full Picture events)
Woocommerce supportSoon

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