Features of Cookie Notice module

in Full Picture WP Plugin

Full compliance with local laws!

With Full Picture’s cookie notice you can choose to start gathering user insights when visitors agree to cookies (opt-in is required by EU countries) or right after the page loads (with an option to opt-out from tracking).

You can even load some cookies when visitors agree to them and others on load!

Smart geolocation

Show cookie notice only to people who visit your site from countries with strict cookie regulations.

Full customisation

Full picture gives you full control over the cookie notice.

You can choose the part of the screen where it will be displayed, which sections and buttons to display, change its colors, texts and even translate the texts for visitors in different countries*.

*Full Picture supports WPML and Polylang multilingual WordPress plugins.

Full Picture Free vs PRO

Customizable colors and buttons
Customizable texts
Texts translatable with WPML & Polylang
Choose placement of the notice
Hide buttons and sections
Load scripts on page load (allows visitors to opt-out)
Load scripts on user consent (opt-in – required in the EU)
Use geolocation to show notice in specific countries
Hide “Powered by” link

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