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Please note that this form is to be used only by paying customers of valid PRO licences. If you are a free user, please contact us via this contact form or post your support question on our forum.

You can find your licence key in Full Picture settings panel > Account. We also sent you your licence key to your email the day you purchased the plugin.

Before posting a bug, please clear the cache (of your plugin and CDN - if your site uses them) and try to reproduce the error again.

If you can reproduce it view the bug tracker to see if the bug that you encountered has been reported. If it hasn't:

  1. describe the steps to reproduce the error,
  2. provide the address of the website where the problem occurs in the form below
  3. enable debug mode in WP Total Track settings and clear cache afterwards.

Before sending a feature request please make sure that it is not on this list

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