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Dear users of Full Picture Free plugin.

Full Picture Free has been first released on WordPress repository in December last year. Since that moment almost 800 people tried it but only 60+ decided to use it – which is far from satisfactory.

Unfortunately, from the feedback I got majority of people who tried out the Free version of Full Picture did not understand how it works and were confused by some of its features.

At the same time users who needed more advanced tracking features did not feel comfortable using it because of the “Free” label and lack of premium support.

That is why in the middle of November I will be making a change to the feature set in the Free version of Full Picture.

At the same time I will also introduce a new “Lite” plan as a bridge between the PRO version and the free one. As a form of apology users of the current free version who will want to move to Lite version can get a free 6-month Lite licence or 50% discount on Lite licence.

When will the change happen?

I plan to change the feature set begining from Full Picture Free version 2.5.0. Judging by my current to-do list, it should be between the middle and the end of November.

What features will be added and removed?

In the new Free version cookie notice will get all the options that were so far tagged as “PRO”. This includes geolocation, ability to use a custom cookie notice and lock page scroll until users accept or decline cookies. This will make it the only Free cookie notice solution with these features.

The most commonly used custom tracking methods will remain as they were. This includes tracking clicks and WP data, e.g. page types, categories, tags and terms of custom taxonomies.

Other custom tracking methods will be removed. This includes e.g. tracking links, form submits, page scroll, popups, ad blockers, engagement time tracking, etc.

These changes are best illustrated in this table.

Old FreeNew FreeLite
PriceFreeFree$25/year when moving from Free. Otherwise $49/year
Available integrations12+12+15+
Cookie notice featuresLimitedAllAll
Custom trackingMultiple custom tracking methodsTracking clicks, broken links, 404 pages and WP dataLike in old Free + all non-e-commerce
Other featuresAbility to give non-admin users permission to edit FP settings
E-Commerce tracking

Want to move to Full Picture Lite?

Choose one of the options below.

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