This page contains the list of all updates and changes in Full Picture plugin.

== Changelog ==


= 4.3.0 (10-12-2022) =

[New] [Woo] [Pro] Advanced matching in Facebook Pixel
[New] [Woo] [Pro] Tracking clicks in products in lists widgets (e.g. “new products” or “recently viewed”)
[New] [Cookie notice] Typography settings
[New] [GA] Added an option to track page type in a custom dimension (in addition to tracking it for custom grouping)
[Removed] Support for custom HTML cookie notices
[Removed] Old repeater fields replaced with the R3 (plus, updated settings in all integrations)
[Update] Twitter Pixel tag updated to the latest version
[Update] [Woo] [Pro] Additional WooCommerce data is now tracked with Twitter Ads
[Update] Geolocation defaults to “unknown” when it can’t check location for 1 second
[Update] Accessibility improvements in the cookie notice
[Update] Loading of Plausible is now controlled by the same function as for other tools
[Update] Improved script loading sequence
[Update] Sessions saved in fpdata are now recognized as new after 30 mins from the last pageview
[Update] Added extra information and explanations next to critical GDPR-related settings
[Update] Settings descriptions
[Update] Cache is now automatically cleared after every version update
[Update] Improved method of storing and checking install date
[Fix] Current session cookie incorrectly held the same data as recent sessions cookie.
[Fix] Changed method of clearing Litespeed cache – the old one stopped working
[Fix] Occasional bug on mobile that prevented cookie notice from showing up
[Fix] Cookie notice – Removed extra character in switches in the cookie notice
[Fix] Facebook Pixel now correctly tracks content ids on “checkout” and “thank you for the order” pages
[Fix] Gtag no longer overwrites JS date when initialized by multiple google’s tools
[Fix] [GA4] Affiliate link tracking now correctly sends link’s name or url
[Fix] Clicking HTML elements that have no .click() function in prototype (e.g. SVGs) no longer results in an error
[Fix] [Custom scripts] Fixed a bug that generated incorrect object with attributes for FP.getScript()
[Fix] [Custom scripts] Fixed a bug that didn’t remove

Coming soon

= 4.2.0 (19-10-2022) =

[New] A subpage with a list of recent and planned updates
[New] [Tracking] Basic Matomo integration
[New] Option to send an email when the plugin gets deactivated
[New] Added a “What’s new” page
[Update] [Customizer] Sub-sections with cookie notice settings
[Fix] Clarity no longer behaves as if it were running in no-cookie mode
[Fix] [Splitbee] Consent to stats cookies is now explicitly required to enable the cookie mode. User can no-longer agree to any type of cookies.
[Fix] [Plausible] Fixed a typo in the code that prevented the script from loading

= 4.1.0 (25-09-2022) =

[New] [GA4] Consent Mode
[New] [G Ads] Consent Mode
[New] Added “validation mode” for all the tools
[New] [Woo] [GAds] [PRO] Added enhanced conversions to WooCommerce tracking in Google Ads
[New] [Custom Scritps] Scripts are now automatically reformatted to meet requirements
[New] [Cookie Notice] New styling options
[New] Added an option to turn on defering scripts (experimental)
[Update] [Splitbee] No-cookie mode
[Update] Updates from old versions are now performed in the order of version updates
[Update] [Cookie notice] Change how opt-in & opt-out countries are selected in the settings page
[Update] [Plausible] Works after enabling. No longer requires saving settings to work
[Update] Added “step” count in the welcome screen and simplified some field descriptions
[Update] [Iframe blocking] Added to free
[Fix] Fixed a bug that prevented clicks after users agree to only some cookies
[Fix] [GTM] It is now loaded for all visitors and users (even excluded ones)
[Fix] Fixed a bug that showed an error on GA UA#2 settings page
[Fix] Adblock tracker script no longer tries to redefine common values
[Fix] [Custom Scripts] JS Sanitization of script id
[Fix] Button to the cookie notice’s customizer now works correctly if the site is in a subfolder
[Fix] Added data-no-optimize=”1″ to prevent LS Cache from encoding files
[Changed] Clicking “pricing” link in the menu now redirects visitors to FP’s website

= 4.0.1 (07-08-2022) =

[Fix] Recognising plugin’s version after update
[Update] Updated Freemius SDK to version 2.4.5
[Update] “fupi_versions” option can now be deleted after deacivation
[Other] Small updates to UX and texts

= 4.0.0 (24-07-2022) =

[New] Plugin can now be extended by other plugins
[New] Added new short video tutorials
[New] Complex conditions builder
[New] [PRO] Added 2 new data objects to fpdata object that hold info about current and recent user sessions
[New] [PRO] Added tracking custom meta to GA4, GTM and Microsoft Clarity
[New] Added automatic purging of cache of WP-Optimize and Breeze
[New] [GA4] Added an option to enable DebugView for a single user only (with URL parameter)
[New] Added an option to reset cookies (when a URL parameter “reset_cookies” exists)
[New] Moved non-necessary features to their own modules
[New] Geolocation can now be enabled irrespective of the cookie notice
[New] [Privacy] Shortcode that adds links to privacy policy can now also contain mentions and links to other tools
[New] [GTM] [PRO] GTM integration pushes its own e-commerce events and data
[New] [GTM] [PRO] Added a function to prevent overwriting a part of product arrays sent to the dataLayer
[New] Added a new event listener “page_in_focus” to complement the existing “close”
[Removed] Removed “page_visibility” event listener
[Update] [UX] New onboarding page layout and other improvements
[Update] [UX] Optional settings fields are now hidden until the user enables them in the general settings page
[Update] Major update to fields generator and r3 repeater
[Update] [PRO] Tracking form submits now also works on dynamically added forms
[Update] Values of text and textarea fields on settings pages are now trimmed before saving
[Update] Added notifications about potential issues with specific cookie notice setups
[Update] Re-organized settings in the general settings page for improved clarity
[Update] Settings of scroll tracking have been moved from tools’ settings to plugin’s general settings
[Update] Rewritten mechanism of pausing page redirects after link clicks
[Update] Items in arrays in r3 repeaters no longer start from position “1” but from “0”
[Update] Changed how custom scripts are loaded in head and footer in order to load them correctly even if page’s HTML is incorrect
[Update] Replaced the maths behid the FP.getUrlParamByName() to use the new JS URLSearchParam
[Update] Changed “allow_loading” function names to unique to prevent multi-loading under specific conditions
[Update] [Custom Scripts] Updated sanitization method
[Update] [FB] Events that updated “user properties” are now sent as custom events due to the fact that Facebook deprecated the former
[Update] Updated to the latest Freemius SDK
[Fix] [FB] User properties’ names are now sent without “$” character. Instead of “$language” and “$user_type” we now have “language” and “user_type”
[Fix] Page type tracking now correctly recognizes privacy policy page
[Fix] [Custom scripts] Notice about changes in scripts no longer shows multiple times
[Fix] Click tracking now correctly recognises clicks in elements inside links
[Fix] [PRO] [GA UA, GA4] Improved JS error reporting – removed false-positives and improved formatting
[Fix] Fixed a bug preventing admin notices from displaying
[Fix] Update notices are no longer shown to users who installed Full Picture for the first time
[Security] Page author IDs are no longer added to the default fpdata object. Added an extra option to enable it and an admin notice informing about potential risks of doing so.

= 3.4.2 (01-04-2022) =

[FIX] Added a check to prevent PHP notice in custom scripts footer php file
[Other] Added some new explainer videos
[Other] Removed extra styling from buttons to make them uniform with other buttons in WP panel

= 3.4.1 (27-03-2022) =

[Removed] [Free] Freemius deactivation popup form
[Added] [Free] Custom deactivation popup info
[Removed] Removed admin notification about clearing cache in order not to confuse non-techies

= 3.4.0 (22-03-2022) =

[New] Added iframe blocking (as an experimental feature)
[New] Added ipdata geolocation method
[New] You can now save full geolocation response in fpdata JavaScript object and use it for your website development
[Update] Improved method of loading custom scripts for an easier addition of scripts
[Update] Set up a custom event to fire after custom cookie notice buttons are clicked
[Fix] Fixed a bug that caused special characters in a custom script to be encoded when the script was saved more than once
[Fix] Added a check in the custom head/body script loading for empty values
[Other] [Woo] Added a safe-check to prevent errors on product pages of non-standard types
[BUGS ADDED!] ADDED 3 typos of files integrating google services to prevent litespeed cache from ommiting them while combining js

= 3.3.0 (11-03-2022) =

[New] Added a safeguard in order not to trigger location check when bots visit the site
[New] Added a custom event “fupi_popup_closed” fired on “document” when cookie notice popup is closed
[Improvement] UX – side menu now contains links to settings pages of all enabled modules
[Improvement] UX – sticky section with “save settings” button

= 3.2.1 (07-03-2021) =

[Fix] Cookie notice didn’t load when the user didn’t save default cookie notice settings
[Fix] Fixed a misplaced apostrophe that caused FP not to load when the user didn’t save default cookie notice settings
[Fix] Added a “nooptimize” tag around FP’s JS (added directly to HTML in head) to prevent Autoptimize from breaking it

= 3.2.0 (07-03-2021) =

[New] [GA UA, GA4, FBP] You can now track any custom meta data of type string, number or boolean
[New] You can now restrict loading tools & custom scripts to certain countries
[New] Added support of 2 new geolocation services
[Fix] [Woo] [Hotjar] Fixed a bug that didn’t send product details as tags
[Fix] [GAds] Fixed a bug that didn’t allow to create more than 1 repeater field for affilaite links, etc.
[Update] [GAds] [Pro] Added a “gads conv id” variable to the list of recognized vars in FP.set() object
[Update] [Premium] No longer sends activity time event if the visitor came back to look at the page for less than 1 second
[Update] [Pin] Updated data sanitization rules
[Other] Cloudflare geolocation for non-CF-users is no longer an experimental function
[Other] Freemius SDK updated to the latest version

= 3.1.0 (20-02-2022) =

[New] Added a function to add any tracking script in header or footer
[New] Added a notification that shows up on first plugin activation reminding users to enable automatic updates for Full Picture
[Fix] Added a check to make sure that “Cache cleared” notice doesn’t show up twice
[Fix] Intro popup no longer shows up after refresh / saving settings
[Update] New tools settings pages are now highlighted in menu until the notice is hidden
[Update] Updated links in the plugin settings
[Other] [Twitter] Improved description in WooCommerce section
[Other] Tiny fixes and updates

= 3.0.0 (07-02-2022) =

[New] TikTok integration added (with WooCommerce support)
[New] New Tracking API is now much more flexible, easier to use and less error-prone than the old one
[New] [Pro] [Google Ads] Added tracking event-based, non-value or single-value conversions
[New] [Pro] [Woo] [MS Ads] Added tracking events and conversions
[New] [Pro] [MS Clarity, Crazy Egg, Inspectlet] [Woo] Added tagging product views
[Removed] Custom Event shortcodes are no longer available due to the changes in FP’s Tracking API
[Removed] [GTM] Page url is no longer sent with scroll events
[Improved] [Pro] [Woo] Event limiter to “Unique session” is now replaced with “Unique path”
[Improved] [Pro] [Woo] Tracking product teaser impressions loaded with Ajax is now fully automated and does not require any extra setup
[Improved] [Pro] [Woo] [Pin] Added tracking product searches for WooCommerce
[Improved] Complete design overhaul of Full Picture’s settings pages in the WP admin panel
[Improved] Engagement timer no longer resets after user clicks a contact link or email link (it is paused instead)
[Improved] Scroll tracking delay now takes into consideration how long the user was engaged with the content
[Improved] Checkign whether a page is refreshed now takes into consideration sessions and new tabs
[Improved] [Inspectlet] Removed unnecessary check for pagetype
[Improved] [Inspectlet] Joined multiple tag events into a single one to speed up sending
[Improved] Removed unused scripts from FP library
[Improved] Checking if the user is blocking ads / tracking scripts
[Improved] [GA UA] Added event actions
[Improved] [GA UA] Vitual pageviews now send to GA all the parameters (like in the original page view)
[Improved / Changed] [GA UA] Categories of all “click” events sent to GA are now changed to “clicks” (from previous “anchor”, “outbound”, etc.)
[Improved] [PRO] [Woo] Checking if an event is unique is now done with cookies and not local/sessionStorage
[Improved] [PRO] Added new “sum” method for formatting custom events’ data
[Improved] [Woo] [GA, GA4] sending e-commerce data to specific GA4 integrations
[Improved] [PRO] Setting “Unique” marker in FP.set() now falls back to cookies if local/sessionStorage is full
[Improved] Some JS notifications no longer show up when debug mode is off
[Improved] [Plausible] Tracking scripts no longer wait for the fp_load_scripts function and no longer check for isAllowedToLoad (which always resulted in true)
[Improved] [Plausible] Tracking scripts no longer wait for the fp_load_scripts function and no longer check for isAllowedToLoad (which always resulted in true)
[Changed] Pointer notifications on admin screen are now replaced with admin notices
[Changed] Site admins now specify which terms they want to track instead of stating which they don’t
[Changed] When enabled, page labels are tracked both as page types and terms of “fupi_page_labels” taxonomy
[Changed] [GTM] When page gains or loses focus it no longer pushes to the dataLayer value ‘window visibility state’ but ‘page in focus’ with a boolean value of either true or false
[Fix] [Cookie notice] Removed a bug that caused permanent scroll-lock
[Fix] [Cache clearing] Notification about cleared cache now correctly shows in the admin after saving settings
[Fix] [Cookie notice] Scroll lock now correctly blocks the scroll on the front end
[Fix] [Google Analytics 4 & UA] When viewed elements tracking was defined in both GAs all element views could be sent to both of them
[Fix] [Inspectlet] Identyfying logged in user by email didn’t always work
[Fix] Activity timer now correctly stops when the window loses focus
[Fix] [PRO] Hotjar e-commerce tracking didn’t work if Microsoft Clarity was disabled
[Fix] [PRO] When geolocation was enabled, tracking scripts didn’t load on first pageview after browser restart
[Fix] Cookie notice now hides when it was closed in a different tab
[Fix] [Cookie notice] Geolocation with Cloudways now works as expected
[Fix] [PRO] [Woo] Corrected formats of data object recipes
[Fix] [PRO] [Woo] List names and list positions are now added to product teasers’ “fupi data” earlier
[Fix] [PRO] [Woo] Tracking grouped products now works even when the quantity is changed during pageload
[Fix] [PRO] [Woo] Adding to cart grouped products with 0 quantity no longer triggers tracking
[Other] Dropped support for Internet Explorer
[Other] Tagging in HotJar is still using older “tagRecording” declaration to prevent errors that show up in the latest HotJar API
[Other] Multiple other small tweaks

= 2.3.0 (04-10-2021) =

[Improved] UX changes, new pointers system and field descriptions tweaks
[New] You can now filter the list of tools to view only free ones
[Removed] Deprecated functions
[Removed] Irrelevant notifications

= 2.2.0 (23-09-2021) =

[NEW] [PRO] [Woo] Added tracking clicks in product teasers and blocks
[Improved] Clearing cache – increased number of supported caching plugins
[Improved] [GTM] GTM now sends info on chosen cookie types when cookie notice buttons are clicked
[Fix] Fupi DB version is now correctly saved in the options
[Fix] % symbol in some filed’s descriptions no longer causes fatal errors on some configurations
[Fix] [GTM] Clicks in cookie notice buttons are now correctly recognized
[Fix] [PRO] [Woo] Tracking adding to cart products in a block teaser works now correctly
[Fix] [PRO] [Woo] [GA4] Tracking e-commerce events now works incorrectly
[Fix] [PRO] [Woo] Disabling tracking product views and impressions after refresh now works correctly
[Removed] Modifications to deactivation popup questions
[Removed] [Plausible] Removed deprecated functions
[Removed] [Google Analytics UA] Removed deprecated functions

= 2.1.1 (17-09-2021) =

[Fix] Missing file in the last update
[Fix] Removed duplicated dookie notice settings

= 2.1.0 (15-09-2021) =

[New] Added LinkedIn Insights tag to the Free version
[Improved] Keyword in the URL for disabling tracking is no longer present in FP’s JavaScript vars
[Fix] Excluding users from tracking by roles did not work when global settings were not saved
[Fix] PHP warning on db update when cookie notice had no settings
[Fix] Noscript tags now work as intended

= 2.0.1 (12-09-2021) =

[Fix] Deactivation bug
[Fix] Twitter Ads was incorrectly marked as being available in the free version

= 2.0.0 (12-09-2021) =

[New] [CrazyEgg] You can now tag recordings by user actions
[New] [Plausible] View statistics inside WordPress dashboard
[New] [Plausible] Better support for self-hosted Plausible and clearer field descriptions
[New] [Plausible] You can now track clicks in “decline cookies” button in a custom cookie notice
[New] [Splitbee] A separate setting to easily enable tracking cookie notice buttons
[New] [PRO] WooCommerce support
[New] [PRO] Overwriting data object set with FP.set() is now possible
[New] [PRO] [Twitter] You can now send single events to Twitter
[New] [PRO] You can now use your own cookie notice and hook it up to Full Picture’s cookie-loading mechanisms
[New] [PRO] Allow users with certain capabilities to view and save Full Picture’s settings
[New] [PRO] You can now set page types (post type “page”) to the value of custom page labels
[Fix] [Crazy Egg] User identification function now works correctly
[Fix] [Plausible] Tracking clicks in “decline cookies” button now works correctly
[Fix] Error when trying to deactivate the plugin with “remove settings in the database after deactivate” option switched on
[Fix] [MS Clarity] Fixed tracking user roles
[Improved] Page types reported by plugin have now unified formatting (Camel Case) and correctly give singular names, e.g. Post, instead of “Posts”
[Improved] Full Picture moved to top-level menu
[Improved] Tracking elements that get in view
[Improved] Outbound link tracking
[Removed] Fathom integration
[Removed] Old / unnecessary tracking methods
[Other] [Plausible] Added notice about removal of deprecated settings in the next version
[Other] Bumped required minimal PHP version to 7.2
[Other] Plugin’s file and folder structure changed

= 1.7.0 (25-05-2021) =

[Improved] Major UX redesign and new tutorial videos
[New] GTM – send an event when the window gets focus
[New] [PRO] GA4 – added tracking JS errors
[New] [PRO] Hotjar – added tracking JS errors
[Fix] GTM is now loaded irrespective of whether the tab is in focus or not
[Fix] Tracking clicks in cookie notice buttons
[Improved] Opt-in to tracking usage statistics and config data
[Improved] Settings descriptions
[Improved] More deactivation reasons in deactivation form

= 1.6.0 (24-04-2021) =

[New] Added an option to label pages and later track those labels
[New] “Privacy & security” global settings
[New] Hotjar – added tagging screen recordings with the visibility of elements
[New] Inspectlet – added tagging screen recordings with the visibility of elements
[Fix] “New” label on “Cookie notice” tab now hides when intended
[Improved] Descriptions of sections and fields
[Improved] Inspectlet – stronger field sanitization
[Other] Limited questions in the plugin deactivation survey to the most important ones

= 1.5.3 (19-04-2021) =

[Fix] Cookie notice – background got “blur out” effect after clicking cookie buttons even when blur was not set up
[Update] Language translation files
[Update] Readme file & WP repo banner
[Tweak] Changed order of Google Analytics 4 & UA in tools section
[Tweak] Added “Feedback” link to top menu
[Tweak] Small UX changes

= 1.5.2 (17-04-2021) =

[Copyright issue] Removal of Facebook logo from the banner and version bump

= 1.5.1 (15-04-2021) =

[Check] WordPress 5.7.1 compatibility check
[Tweak] Small UX tweaks
[Tweak] Readme file and icons

= 1.5.0 (12-04-2021) =

[New] Google Tag Manager integration
[New] Cookie notice – Alternative button layouts
[New] [PRO] Added an option to delay page redirect to give tracking scripts extra time to send data
[New] [PRO] Google Analytics UA – added JS error tracking
[Improved] Anchor links are now targetted more accurately
[Improved] Mechanism loading footer scripts is now faster and doesn’t timeout
[Improved] Super tiny improvement to form targetting script
[Improved] Facebook Pixel – form tracking event now sends to Facebook location of the form
[Improved] [PRO] Google Analytics UA custom events
[Improved] [PRO] Facebook Pixel custom events
[Improved] [PRO] Twitter custom events
[Improved] [PRO] LinkedIn custom events and settings page overhaul
[Improved] [PRO] Pinterest custom events
[Improved] [PRO] Hotjar custom events
[Improved] [PRO] Microsotf Clarity custom events
[Improved] [PRO] Google Ads custom events and settings page overhaul
[Fix] Tracking file downloads
[Fix] Polyfills didn’t load in IE after prefix change from fp to fupi
[Fix] Cookie notice – Gradient overlay did not hide on Internet Explorer

= 1.4.0 (12-03-2021) =

[New] You can now redirect 404 pages to any page you like
[New] Splitbee has “no-cookie” mode now
[New] Cookie notice – you can now blur content before user consent
[New] Plausible integration now lets you track file downloads
[Improvement] We made descriptions of settings fields even clearer
[Improvement] We tweaked UX to make using the plugin more straightforward
[Fix] Cookie notice settings – Link to privacy policy is now dynamically added to the main cookie description
[Fix] Google Analytics – page load performance metric – fixed event data object
[Fix] Cookie notice – highlighting a link made with now {{…}} works correctly
[Fix] URL parameters no longer show up in reports in the names of downloaded files
[Update] Plugin translation files

= 1.3.0 (08-03-2021) =

[New] New setup wizards
[New] Easy mode for non-techies
[New] New WP admin notices which show only when necessary
[New] Plausible – added support of event properties
[New] Plausible – added new tracking features
[Fix] Crazy Egg – identifying users by ID now works correctly
[Fix] Corrected title and description of broken link tracking setting
[Fix] Google Analytics – page load performance metric – fixed event data object
[Fix] Splitbee – Fixed problem with not loading script for A/B tests
[Update][PRO] Major code rewrite of Custom Event tracking
[Update][PRO] Facebook Pixel #1 / GA #1 is now required to load before the #2 can load
[Update] Resetting cookies is no longer possible via Magic URL – it can be done only via clicking the icon
[Update] Logo in admin is now an svg
[Update] Global Tracking Settings – default double-click time increased to 300ms
[Update] FP Settings – CSS selectors in repeater fields are now trimmed before saving in the database

= 1.2.0 =

[New] Tracking broken links
[New] Cookie Notice – you can now choose a color for switches
[New] Added a link to settings page in plugin’s entry on plugins list
[New] Added thumbs-up/down buttons for easier feedback and support
[Fix] Facebook Pixel – fixed JS error on scroll
[Update] Language files
[Change] Freemius opt-in is automatically skipped on 1st time plugin activation

= 1.1.0 =

[New] MS Clarity – tagging sessions with adblock use
[New] Added language files for translating the plugin
[Fix] GTM and FB Pixel – “Track scroll after time” is now respected
[Improved] UX – added “play” button to thumbs with tutorial videos
[Improved] Added extra descriptions in settings panel
[Improved] Fathom – Added repeater fields in settings
[Improved] MS Clarity – added sections with tagging settings
[Removed] Hotjar – removed tagging with referral – Hotjar also has this function

= 1.0.0 =

[Improved] Large improvements in settings panel
[Improved] Clearer descriptions of some options
[Fix] Occasional problems with repeater field not saving data properly

= 0.9.7 =

Initial release

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