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Can you use Google Optimize and be GDPR compliant?

To understand the problem behind Google Optimize, GDPR and cookie consent we need to look at the way Google Optimize works. A (very) simplified process looks like that: A visitor requests a web-page. Before the page is fully loaded both Google Optimize AND Google Analytics get loaded. Google Optimize changes a part of the page before it is shown to the user. Google Analytics tracks the statistics and conversions. The second point is very important here. Google Optimize requires Google Analytics to be installed and running. What this means is that we not only should we be concerned with GDPR compliance with Google Optimize but also with Google Analytics. And now, let’s look what GDPR requiremes us to do. What

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The big confusion – GDPR and cookie consent vs the web.

Ever since Cookie Law directive was introduced in EU countries there have been questions. People complained that the directive is lax and open for interpretations. But the fact that EU countries could implement it differently added to the confusion even more. With the implementation of EU’s GDPR regulation the confusion increased even more. Even the basic concepts are no longer simple. Just to name a few: What are cookies and what they really do? What do cookies have to do with data processing? Do I have to show cookie banner if I have a site outside EU? What is personally indetifiable information (PII)? Do I still have to ask for cookie consent it I don’t collect PII? Who can process

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Google Analytics is not for everyone. In fact, it may not be for you too.

Let me be clear here with one thing. Google Analytics is a powerful and flexible tool, and I am not going to argue with that. What I am trying to say, that Google Analytics is… not for everyone. It is just too difficult for many, many users. Is it for you? Read on. Oh. And BTW. This article is based on my experience with Google Analytics Universal Analytics. The newly released Google Analytics 4 lacks many features available in the UA. That is why it is not the right time to write about it. Proper Google Analytics setup is a tough cookie For people who have their first contact with Google Analytics, installation of GA’s scripts may seem trivial –

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