How to prevent iframes / embeded content from loading until visitors agree to cookies

Full Picture’s iframe blocking was designed to work with Gutenberg WordPress editor. If your site uses a different content editor please mind that image placeholder may not display as intended. To block the iframe simply add a “shortcode” block with [fp_block settings] before your iframe/embed and add another one with [/fp_block] after your iframe/embed. Next, replace … Read more

Other information related to the cookie-notice

Added in Full Picture 3.3.0 How to trigger other actions after users agree/decline cookies When a visitor clicks any of the “accept / decline” buttons in the cookie notice, Full Picture sends a custom JavaScript event. You can use this event to trigger any other JS scripts. Example:

Available geolocation options

Full Picture uses geolocation to show cookie notice and load scripts in certain locations. Geolocation is used only when you enable cookie notice. At the moment the available geolocation options are: IP-API – free service for up to 1000 location checks a day – website. DB-API – free service for up to 1000 location checks … Read more

How to make a multilingual cookie notice with WMPL or Polylang?

In order to be able to translate texts, you first need to write them in the cookie notice settings in the “Appearance” > “Customize” section. This step is necessary even if you like the original texts and don’t want to change them. In such case simply copy the original texts and paste them in the … Read more

How to show cookie notice after it has been closed

Full Picture’s cookie notices hides after a visitor accepts or declines cookies and doesn’t show up on consecutive page loads. However sometimes you may want to give visitors an option to see them again. Or see it for yourself – to tweak something. There are 2 ways you can do it. #1 With an “open … Read more

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