What is page labeling and how can it can be useful?

In WordPress we have many types of content, like pages, posts, categories, archives, etc. Most of these content types have only one specific purpose like product pages display products, search pages display search results, 404 page displays “page not found” information, etc. Now, it is important to know that some analytics tools can take this … Read more

How to track broken links in WordPress with Full Picture

To start tracking broken links simply enable the “Track broken links” option in “Main settings” > “Global tracking settings“. You can also optionally choose to redirect visitors who click non-existent links to a page of your choice by enabling “Use custom 404 page”. From that moment on, you will be able to view broken links … Read more

Debug mode – features

With the debug mode enabled: Extra information will be show in browser’s console after user-triggered event, e.g. click, form submit, scroll, etc. The only exception is Google Tag Manager which will not output any additional info to the console. GTM offers its own preview mode which should be used instead. In Full Picture’s settings pages … Read more

How to exclude visitors from being tracked

Full Picture offers 2 methods of excluding users from being tracked – one for logged-in users and one for users who are not logged-in. Both of these methods turn off all tracking provided by the Full Picture, this includes not only web-analytics tools but also conversion optimisation tools, session recording tools etc. Excluding logged-in users … Read more

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