Changing default tracking settings

Here, you can change how and what Full Picture tracks. Some tracking settings will not be available in the settings pages of your tracking tools before you enable them here. Tracking sensitive information Some sensitive information, e.g. usernames or emails, can only be tracked after you enable it on this page. After you enable tracking … Read more

Debug mode

There are many ways you can debug your tracking tools. However, sometimes you may want to debug the Full Picture plugin itself. To debug Full Picture go to “General Settings” page > “Other” section. When the debug mode is enabled: Attention! Google Tag Manager will not output any additional info to the browser console. GTM … Read more

Excluding internal traffic from tracking

Full Picture offers 2 methods of excluding users from being tracked – one only for logged-in users and the other one for all of them. You can find both of them in the general settings page. Both of these methods turn off all tracking provided by the Full Picture, this includes not only web-analytics tools … Read more