4 methods of tracking form submissions

Forms can have many shapes and purposes. We have contact forms, comment forms, registration forms, search forms, and many more. In this article, we will learn how to track them with tools integrated with Full Picture’s integrations. What are the 4 methods of tracking form submissions There are generally 4 ways to track form submissions. … Read more

How to get better traffic sources information

Attention! Do not use the methods described below with tracking tools that use both, server-side tracking and JavaScript tracking. The data collected by them will slightly differ, leading to inaccurate reports. At the moment, no tools that you can integrate with Full Picture use server-side tracking mechanism. Did you know that all the tracking tools … Read more

How to let non-admin users change Full Picture’s settings

Full Picture gives you an option to let non-admin users modify its settings. This way, you can provide your marketing team with access to what they need, without having to give them full access to your site. Depending on how many users you have on your site, you can do it in 1 of 2 … Read more

How to add custom scripts with “Custom Scripts” module

You can integrate 3rd party tracking tools using “Custom Scripts” module. Scripts can be added to either a <head> or right before the closing </body> tag (see sections in the left menu). Each tab contains sections that allow you to add your custom scripts. Fields available in the sections for adding scripts can differ depending … Read more

How not to track yourself and your employees

When you want to get good quality traffic information, it is very important not to track yourself. Full Picture lets you do that in 2 ways – both of them will disable all tracking tools installed via Full Picture’s integration modules, the “Custom Scripts” module and managed by the “Scripts manager” module. The only exception … Read more