First steps in Full Picture

Hi. My name’s Chris and I’m the developer of this plugin. The goal of Full Picture is to help you use all of your favourite analytics and marketing tools in a way that complies with privacy laws in any country in the world. Its main part is the cookie notice, which can be extended by … Read more

Key concept – modularity

Full Picture is a collection of modules, which can work alone or together with other modules. This way, every user can only enable elements that they will use. Most modules, can be extended with other modules. For example, the Cookie Notice module can be extended with the Geolocation module. Integrations with tracking tools can be … Read more

Key concept – scripts and tools management

Full Picture (both Free and Pro) can manage tracking tools installed with Full Picture modules (except GTM) or “taken over” by the Scripts Manager module. But, what does it mean that a tool or a script is managed by Full Picture? When a tool or a script is managed by Full Picture: In addition, all … Read more

Changing default tracking settings

Here, you can change how and what Full Picture tracks. Some tracking settings will not be available in the settings pages of your tracking tools before you enable them here. Tracking sensitive information Some sensitive information, e.g. usernames or emails, can only be tracked after you enable it on this page. After you enable tracking … Read more

Installation check

When setting up integrations with new tracking tools, you may come across an option that looks like this: When you enable this option, everyone will be able to check if the tracking tool is correctly installed on your website. But, why does this setting exist? What is it actually for and how to use it? … Read more

Installation on development sites

You can install any licence (even a single one) on any number of dev/staging sites you want. TLDs that are considered as dev or staging: Subdomains that are considered as dev or staging: Additionally, if your domain is localhost (with any port), it will also be treated as a localhost domain.

Supported caching plugins

Full Picture automatically clears cache of: If your website uses a different caching solution you need to make sure to clear the cache yourself after saving the data. Known issues Full Picture does not play well with solutions combining and minifying Javascript files, like Autoptimize. Please turn of joining files is you experience any issues … Read more

Debug mode

Full Picture’s debug mode lets you check when Full Picture sends data to tracking tools and what it is. To debug Full Picture go to “General Settings” page > “Other” section. When the debug mode is enabled: Attention! Google Tag Manager will not output any additional info to the browser console. GTM offers its own … Read more