Custom events available in Full Picture

This is the first part of custom events series. The second part deals with e-commerce events. This is a list of functions that Full Picture uses to conditionally trigger tracking certain elements depending on visitor’s actions. Scripts registered with these functions will be triggered right after fpdata object gets updated with a particular’s event’s information. … Read more

How to track custom meta data / custom fields?

This function has been added to Full Picture Lite and Premium in version 3.2.0. At the moment only Google Analytics and Facebook / Meta Pixel have an option to track custom meta values. Support for other tracking tools will be added in the next updates. Full Picture lets you track custom data associated with posts, … Read more

How to use Full Picture’s Custom E-Commerce Events

This article has not been updated for Full Picture version 3.0+ yet Setting up Full Picture’s Custom Events is recommended for users with at least basic understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript. This is a second part of “custom events” series. In the first part we talked about “standard” custom events. By default Full Picture … Read more

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